Hot Reads 2017 – Take 1

Hot Reads 2017: Part 1 Sharing the books that have made their way to my reading list. Goodreads Reading Challenge

Well shoot. We are already 45 days into this brand new year. Even though we are a little over a month and a half into 2017 is proving to be a good year. Mild weather, good health, new adventures. What more is there to ask for?!?

On top of all the good already experienced, I have had a great run of luck when it comes to my reading list this year. As I mentioned in my post from the beginning of the year, I’d like to read a whopping 40 books this year. With that in mind, I’ve stayed chomping at the bit and have completed six thus far. And several of them have been winners in my mind.

  1. The Reversal by Michael Connelly (Mickey Haller #3)  my review
  2. Comeback by Dick Francis  my review
  3. Zero Day by David Baldacci (John Puller #1)  my review
  4. The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg (Paper Magician Triology #1)  my review
  5. To the Far Blue Mountains by Louis L’Amour (The Sacketts #2)  my review
  6. Memory Man by David Baldacci (Amos Decker#1)  my review

Memory Man

I’m thinking I want to begin reviewing books more in-depth rather than merely touching on them in these type of posts. There are so many that deserve more love than a little review on Goodreads! But until that time comes, I’ll go ahead and fly through some mini reviews on these six books.

Yesterday I completed Memory Man, and it overtook Zero Day as my favorite book this year, thus far. No coincidence they are both by Baldacci. He has quickly become one of my most loved authors. As mentioned in the reviews I posted on Goodreads for both of these books, the attention to detail on all characters, not just the main, is something that sets Baldacci above most others. Without meaning to be cliche, I do feel transported when flipping through the pages, or listening as the minutes are narrated of his books.

The ReversalAs with the last two Michael Connelly books, The Reversal was awesome. Not as great as the first two but good all the same. You will read this one quickly, because you will need to know.

ComebackComeback, left me hanging a bit. This book called my purse home for far too long. The first five or so chapters didn’t hook me like some Francis novels in the past had. But once it got rolling, I had no trouble turning the pages. And again like other books I have read, my complaint is by the time I got sucked in, the author quickly wrapped up the book. Doesn’t that drive you crazy?!?!

Zero DayAs I mentioned a few paragraphs up, Zero Day was awesome. I would highly recommend to men and women alike. I really loved the audiobook as well, but Baldacci books are easy reads whether you are listening or reading. And that is not a knock on him. Reading isn’t supposed to be difficult. Some reads aren’t the easiest to get through for one reason or another, but being enthralled and entertained by a book is what it is all about!

The Paper MagicianIn short, The Paper Magician was just not my sort of novel. I was venturing outside of my comfort zone and I got it for free somehow. Firstly, this won’t be the toughest book you ever read. It is immature for the most part in the way it is written, but at times I found my imagination intrigued. However, without giving away any spoilers, I found the ending to be inappropriate and rushed. This novel makes you feel as if you are climbing a super tall slide at the park. You climb and climb, the anticipation builds, you’re expecting the ride down to be earth-shattering after such a climb. You get to the top, and push off. Then all of a sudden you are at the bottom and you realize the slide was so steep you couldn’t even enjoy the ride. Not bad, but didn’t live up to its potential.

To the Far Blue MountainsTo the Far Blue Mountains. Oh, how I love the Sacketts series. I’ll admit this one is a little hard to get into, or at least it was for me. A good part of the book takes place across the pond, so maybe that is why I had a tough time getting past the first five chapters. But once they get moving, I was along for the ride. This would have easily gained a five-star rating from me, because typically L’Amour books draw that from me. From character development to detailed descriptions of the lands they visited, I not only enjoy the way he writes, I am comfortable with it. As I said in my review of the Lonesome Dove saga, I don’t prefer the writing style in which authors jump large gaps of time to get through a timeline more efficiently. Without giving up too much of this books awesomeness, one of the characters.. goes from being single/engaged to being married to having one child to having five children. I get that this is only the second book of 23 and the characters have to move on in life, but it was so good, I got greedy!

Alrighty, I think I have lightly, or maybe not so lightly, touched on these six with some effort. Looking forward to just as many good reads in the next 45 days. I have listed below what I am currently reading and the next five on my list. Again I implore you to list any of your book suggestions below. Last time y’all were so helpful :)

Currently Reading:

To Read:

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