Diamonds are Forever

Grandpa and Grandma -

Sixty years. The diamond anniversary they call it. Not sure if Grandma knew that this year, but she missed her chance at scoring yet another ring with a big ole rock. If you know my grandma, you can picture just about all ten of her fingers sporting at least one ring, but a few may even have a couple stacked. I ought to do a whole post discussing her rings. She has a story for each of them. Not all are worth huge sums of money, but those usually have the best stories attached to them. Grandma, be prepared for an interview in your future about those rings of yours.

As a twenty-six year old, 60 years is hard to fathom, especially 60 years with one person in particular. Then again at this point in my life, an almost eight year commitment to my 2010 Mazda 3 is a big deal.

As I have stated in previous posts about these two, they are incredible role models for not only our family, but the entire community. I challenge y’all if you know them to comment below with your favorite story about the two of them.

The love between them is undeniable, even when you catch them bickering over something trivial at best, there is a lesson to be learned. Being so close to them has given me such a realistic look at what relationships can look like fast-forwarded decades into the future.

My grandparents are a love story. Sixty years together and still lovin' and laughin'.

This past weekend, our family was able to get together to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Saturday we had a surf and turf dinner followed by dancing on the patio and a fire in the fire pit. Of course the fire raised excitement shortly after it was started. Most of us were inside when we heard a loud boom. Something had exploded amidst the flames. After a “detailed” investigation by a committee of sorts, turns out one of my old dry shampoo bottles (aerosol can) was placed in boxes that were being used to get the fire going. As usual, Dad tries to put the blame on his oldest daughter…never the youngest. It’s not like I am the only one of his four daughters that has ever used dry shampoo! But if I’m being completely honest, I would never admit this directly, but I’m sure it was my can of dry shampoo.

Anyhow, luckily we were able to take some family pictures before all of the festivities kicked off. I believe I have flipped through these fifty times at least. Seeing all of these smiling faces, is giving me wrinkles, because of all the smiling it makes me do.




Sunday, we celebrated mass at St. Louis Catholic Church with the entire family taking up the first four pews. I’m sure it would have been a blast to go on a grand adventure or trip to celebrate their 60th in style. But watching my grandparents over the weekend and how happy they were I realized, getting together as a family and attending church as one unit was the best present we could have given them.

And maybe that is an example of another lesson learned from them. If all you need in life is family, friends and the Lord, then 60 years won’t be so unfathomable. After all, money could never replace what my grandma, grandpa, and granny have meant to me.

This post comes a little late as WordPress gave me some troubles yesterday, and I was in a hurry to get to the rodeo to see Huey Lewis! (more on that soon!) But I hope I brought you good enough material to make up for the 24 hour tardiness :)


  1. I see the joy and love radiating from their eyes in these photos! What a joy that you can call them Grams/Gramps and have them as lifetime mentors. xo! D

  2. Happy 60th Anniversary Uncle Alex and Aunt Marian! It has been a tradition in our family to ask this amazing couple to lead the Grand March at our weddings. They inspire so many and bring us good luck on our wedding days. ❤

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