March Favorites

March 2017 Favorties

Where has March gone? I couldn’t wait for March. Promises of baseball, good weather and free weekends to play with cows. For the most part, March did not let me down! Well Aggie baseball did, going 1-2, the first weekend of March in the Shriner Baseball Classic in Houston, but nonetheless, it was a great month and the Aggies shutting out lsu last night was a cherry on top.

April is looking just as promising. Engagement pictures to be taken of my sister and her fiance! My cousin’s wedding! Fish Fry, birthdays and Easter, oh my!

To wrap March up with a pretty bow on top, I am choosing to share some of my favorites this month. For the most part, other than book shopping, I have limited my spending to groceries, which isn’t all that depressing considering the food made from those groceries! But more on that.

Favorite Book

The Expats by Chris Pavone pic courtesy of AmazonMy favorite thing of all this month was a book called The Expats by Chris Pavone. Unlike a lot of books I read this one was not through Audible. I cannot recommend this book enough. On Goodreads, I gave it a four star review only because four and three-quarters isn’t allowed. Maybe I should have just rounded up, but I’m trying to be tougher these days! This seems like it’d make a great movie. Going to put another Chris Pavone book in the queue once I scratch a few others in the read column! Speaking of books, I can’t wait to update y’all with a new Hot Reads post. So many good books read since my last post. Five books in March. And only two of those on Audible. A book review of All the Light We Cannot See is in the works, but giving myself plenty of time to get my words right with that one!

Favorite Movie

Despicable Me 2. I don’t watch many movies, but this one had me laughing constantly. Definitely will watch again.

Favorite Restaurant

Goode Company – Seafood in Houston. If you find yourself in Houston and pulling your hair out because of all the traffic, find a way to stop in at the Goode Company. When we were in Houston for the Shriner Baseball Classic, we happened to be staying in Memorial Park which was down the road from the seafood restaurant. Well worth the time and money. It was one of the more memorable dining experiences I have had. And the bread pudding, oh the bread pudding was a taste to be cherished.

Favorite Meal Cooked

Semi-Instant Pancakes courtesy of

Hands down, pancakes. I may be chastised for how many recorded episodes I rack up on the DVR of Alton Brown’s Good Eats, but now because of this pancake recipe, I don’t hear about it all too much anymore. This pancake recipe is a little more trouble than using one of those mixes you grab from HEB, but I’m telling you, it is well worth it. From now on, buttermilk will be kept on hand at all times. Which comes in handy since his waffle recipe and my favorite biscuit recipe both use buttermilk as well! Click the picture for the link to the recipe. If the waffles turn out just as good, I’ll be sure to share.

Favorite Picture Taken

Favorite Inspiration

Recently, I began following The Catholic Company on Facebook. Every morning they share a quote, usually from a saint. This was one from this past week. Seemed timely for me.

St. Teresa of Avila courtesy of


Favorite Post

My review on Vaquero. I poured a lot of time into that post, and I truly do love that album.

As Good as Advertised: Vaquero by Aaron Watson

Do you have any favorites of the month? Share them below! Out of all those that comment between now and April 15th, I’ll draw a name at random, and send a print to them of the my favorite picture I took this month!

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