Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

Almost a year ago, Guy Clark passed away. Unfortunately, it took him dying, for me to ever look his music up. Truly, I didn’t know who he was before then. But thankfully, after his passing I stumbled onto an online post sharing some of his music. And then for several months straight, I listened to nothing else. Nothing.

About that time, I found myself at a crossroad of sorts. Not happy with work, not thrilled with how certain things had worked out personally and really just contemplating how life was supposed to work. Also around this time, there was a field full of small mesquites Grandpa and Uncle Anthony had sprayed the summer before. For some reason, I decided to dedicate myself to knocking those suckers down. And so the adventure began.

burning brush at sunset

Three or four days a week, after I’d get home from work, I found myself in a routine. Changing into jeans and a work shirt, lacing up my old Ariat boots, grabbing my yellow work gloves, filling up my water jug, hopping on the mule and driving out to the field to get started. By myself, I’d turn my iPhone’s volume all the way up and put on my recently-purchased The Essentials of Guy Clark cd. Never using my earbuds though, didn’t want the music to be too loud and not hear a friendly warning from a rattler! But working for a couple hours, getting my FitBit close to 20,000 steps, I’d stomp down these little pain in the butt, wannabe trees at their base, and drag them over to the nearest pile. I quickly learned that piling brush is an art form. Also learned to keep pliers handy for the inevitable removal of mesquite thorns from the bottom of my boots. RIP my old Ariats.

I found myself a little haven. Looking around and admiring all that I had and listening to the Clark tracks on repeat, my heart felt full. Just what I needed, I do believe. Plus, although progress was slow, much slower than if more advanced methods had been applied, I enjoyed the past time. Good old sweat, and a little blood at times due to the thorns. But golly, I’d do it again!

On a brief side note, in search of good lace up work boot options for women. Have not found a replacement pair worthy. Tried replacing the sole, but unfortunately did not work as well as planned. I don’t think the boot repair shop understood what I was putting these through. So recommendations, would be highly appreciated :)

And then perhaps even better than my brush-busting experience, I shared the CD with my dad. Dad and I agree on music about 99% of the time. I love getting morning texts saying how it is going to be a great day because Long Black Veil by Lefty Frizzell or Marty Robbins’s Mr. Shorty came on the radio. Anyhow, I suggested he listen to this cd by Guy Clark. And you know what, he loved it too. Now when we are at the house together or in charge of the music at any party really, we love to sit around and discuss our favorites. Ha now that I think of it, I guess our discussions are kind of like brainstorming for this blog! Dad feel free to share your favorites if they differ from my list!

Ok finally to the list:

That Old Time Feeling

My Favorite Picture of You

The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Let Him Roll

Instant Coffee Blues

Honorable Mention:

Stuff That Works

Honestly, I could have added the whole track list from The Essentials of Guy Clark to this. Of course that is what I love about greatest hits cds! And this one is only $5 on Amazon!

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Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

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