Blast From Seven Years Past

Granny and Mother

As I was checking in on this website, I happened to come across an old blog I used for a while in 2010. Had me laughing out of both entertainment and embarrassment. But one post had me reminiscing back to that time and place. Funny how even though almost seven years have passed, the message rings true. Therefore, I thought I would literally copy and paste that post from September 2010 and share it with y’all today. Hope y’all enjoy taking this adventure into the past with me for a short bit. Back to regular programming on the blog after this post.

Where to Begin?…

 The Rihn’s have a knack for cooking all things yummy. But where did they receive such a talent? Granny. Granny is actually a Schott, but she married my Grandpa Denis, in 1957 and she became a Rihn.

Granny is an amazing woman. Just imagine meeting a woman with salt n’ pepper hair, a smile, and the first words out of her mouth will probably be “would you like me to fry you an egg?”. She can be described as proud, strong, and full of love. She would give anything to have her family all together. Most like for that reason, she cooks us breakfast after church every Sunday morning. To be honest, that might be the #2 thing I miss most when I am here at A&M. Not only does her breakfast make you salivate for the last ten minutes before you get out of mass, but the opportunity I get, weekly, to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins is priceless.

Recently, Sydney, one of my younger sisters, applied to Texas A&M (WHOOP!). (Sorry, I may be a little too excited about football season rolling around the corner.) Back to my story. She had to write a few essays to attach to her application. One of the topics was: Tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you. She chose Granny. It just made so much sense. She has lived through so much and she has made her family something to be proud of.

But back to one of the best things she could pass on for future generations to enjoy, her cooking! And I can vouch for the future generations enjoying!

Granny can cook just about anything. You know it is going to taste good just by the way it smells. I look forward to the aroma that will hit me when I walk in the front screen door of her house. Some of my favorites she makes are as follows: breakfast fajitas, egg bread (aka French Toast to all you freaks out there…just kidding. I am just a little proud of egg bread.), bacon and broccoli quiche, SPICE BARS, smothered steak or chicken, stew, deviled eggs, potato salad, and FRIED CHICKEN, to name a few. She loves cooking for people. 

My mom recently told me that Granny said she would rather cook for her family rather than just herself. I believe this is the fundamental of our family tradition. Family first, and we enjoy it! There is no pulling teeth to get me to her house or even a reunion. This has been passed on to my mother. Although, my aunts all have a knack for cooking, it is my mom’s that I have been able to enjoy most!

But I will acknowledge that Diane makes amazing desserts, Ima makes the best German Chocolate Icing and is the most efficient at cooking lbs and lbs of mashed potatoes, Nancy has mastered Spanish rice and pretty much anything of the Mexican food variety, and Amy has probably the most courage to try new things or add something new to an old recipe.My Mom: Teresa Tschirhart is grooming herself to be the predecessor to my Granny as one of the best cooks you’ll know in your lifetime. I can’t even count how many things (most aren’t recipes but more like improv mic night) I love. She is a pro at all things that include a crock pot. She will make your kids love black-eyed peas and she will make you want them more than once a year. She can make dips, roasts, beans, chicken, and even dessert in her old faithful of a crock pot. Her talents also extend beyond a slow cooker. She can cook to save money and or time and the taste will always make you happy.

The tradition of family and cooking are intertwined and compliment each other. Maybe it’s because of that, that we are able to continue it so fluidly.

My hope is to be able to encourage you to find a family tradition, whether it be cooking, camping, fishing, dancing, etc and to carry it on into the future. I also will include most of the recipes I attempt so that you may feel the need to become involved in your kitchen!

Looking forward to sharing more posts like these whether they be from my first blog ever,, or from the early years of

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