Hot Reads 2017 – Take 2

Hot Reads - Take 2

Where to begin? I feel like I have read some real good ones this go-round. Yet, I always feel thirsty for more. Any fellow readers experience the same feeling. Even though I am reading far more than I used to, I now find myself yearning for a rainy day or many lunch breaks thrown together to lounge outside on a porch with a book.

The Day the Cowboys Quit by Elmer KeltonIn short, I want a movie to be made on The Expats; a television series on the Sacketts. The Day the Cowboys Quit was yet another spectacular piece by Kelton. Don’t threaten me to choose between him and L’Amour. Fox & O’Hare left you hung on a cliff with The Scam; anxiously/patiently waiting for an opening to come up in my reading queue for #5 in the series. P.S. I now have Grandma hooked on these..

All the Light We Cannot See still has me thinking. Need to reread to decide whether I liked the novel or just appreciated Doerr’s writing style. Guns of the Timberland reminds me of an episode of Bonanza or a spaghetti western plot, light-hearted page turner. And Huck Finn, come on, it was about time I read this classic.

67 days and 2,125 pages since my first Hot Reads post of 2017. I’m thrilled to already be 13 books into my goal of 40 for 2017. As I mentioned in that previous post, I have made it a point to branch out. Yes, I did read three westerns in the last two and a half months, but that doesn’t even make up half, so progress. The Expats, I found in the book isle at HEB. All the Light We Cannot See was recommended to me many times over by followers on the blog, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.

Currently I am reading:

No real surprise with those. Ever since I picked up a Connelly novel, I have been attached to his legal thrillers. I have read John Grisham before, but find myself enjoying Connelly so much. Maybe I ought to add a Grisham novel to my list. Any recommendations?

Resisting Happiness by Matthew KelleyResisting Happiness is already a winner in my mind. They handed it out in church at the beginning of Lent. Sadly I didn’t get started on it until a week ago. It’s the type that you think about in silence when driving to work. This book has me longing for my old habit of going to daily mass when I worked downtown 0.4 miles from my work. I need to find a church near my new office so that I have the opportunity to visit during my lunch hour. Wanting to add to my journal some of the points it Kelly makes to think about on a daily basis and implement.

On my To-Read list:

Can you tell I like books apart of series? Have any recommendations for me? Comment below and share your favorites so far this year! From the looks of my list and knowing I’ll get awesome recommedations, it ought to be another good two and a half months of reading.

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