1. Once again Alexandra it was a delight to read. I did not know you are now Alexandra at work. Grandma always learns something new. Love ya.

    • I’ve never understood why it is so popular. In actuality, it isn’t reality. In what reality would 25 strangers live in a house together????

  2. I love these types of posts. I am definitely a morning person, too, so early bedtime is always my goal. When a person gets up at 4/4:30…staying up until 11 is just not a good idea. Ha.

    • Ha agreed! Here lately I have had some trouble falling asleep right away so it makes 5:30 feel a bit earlier than usual. I’m attributing the lack of tiredness to less workout time than I’d like and Shark Week!

    • I have always liked reading posts like these and decided I needed to do my own.

      Within the next 5 years, yes. Within a year, most likely not feasible. But definitely on the ole bucket list!

  3. This was a fun post! I love these because I always feel like I get to know the blogger a little better. My ideal bedtime would be between 8:30-9:00 every night, too but then I’d miss out on time with y hubby so we go to bed later. #3 is so me, too!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more! I make exceptions for the evenings I spend with my parents and sisters. In fact we were all over at my parents for supper last night celebrating a birthday and I didn’t get to crawl into bed until almost 10:30! Ha

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