Grateful For…


Grateful: warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received. Have you ever caught yourself using a word over and over again to describe how you feel, but then draw a blank when someone asks for the definition? That is how I felt when I asked myself what grateful meant. I use the word, along with blessed, to describe and express thanks for all that I have been given in life. But perhaps, I had let the words’ meanings turn bland or vanilla over time. Overused, taken for granted.

But it’s time to change that! As I said in my Facts About Me post, I have a prayer journal. I haven’t had this journal for long, but I picked it up while reading Resisting Happiness. It is nothing special. Just a ruled, hard-bound journal I found at HEB.

What Are You Grateful For?

Bible journaling pins and pages have always inspired me. But my lack of artistic ability (unless I can trace it!) has always kept me from wanting to attempt. But after scrolling through different journaling posts, I found one that caught my eye; it was an activity of sorts.  You were encouraged to draw a circle on the middle of the page with the words, “I am grateful for…” in the middle of it. Then surrounding those words, you were to list out all of the different things you thought appropriate. As simple as it sounded, and as visually appealing as it was, I decided this was to be my first entry in my journal.

Prayer Journal - I am Grateful For Acticity - sheerheart.orgTaking 30 minutes out of my lunch break I drafted it on some scratch paper. Then I placed in the journal and let it sit there for a day or two. During that time, I found myself thinking back on this activity. A few days later, I looked over my notes, changed a few things, rearranged them for aesthetics, and finally I penned them on the page.

Like I said, I am no artist. I’ve got a little sister that is an artist. It most definitely wouldn’t win any awards at the county fair, but other than me posting this today, no one looks at my journal. Consider this one of your only peeks! I may have reservations about my artistic skills, but I’m confident as all get out about the words written on that page.

I’m 13 pages or so into my journal. Few are drawings, most are written entries. But each time I open it, I see the first page, and it makes me happy. So happy that I felt the need to share it on here!

I Challenge You!

Now I am encouraging you to try this exercise out! Feel free to share your’s on the Facebook page (click here)!

I Am Grateful For - prayer journal activity -


  1. I love your journaling! You are so talented lady! I do indeed write down what I am grateful for and practice it daily. It makes a mindset difference!!! xo~D

  2. You do have some artistic ability, it looks really nice. Thanks for the reminder to show our gratitude for the little and big things in our lives.

    • So far my favorite journals have been ones from a brand called Greenroom. Unfortunately I have only been able to find them at Target and not online :/

      Also found a lovely one at TJ Maxx last week but can’t remember the brand.

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