Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List -

Happy Summer! It’s no secret I love summer, therefore, I’m sharing my summer bucket list with you. What’s on your list of things to do this season. P.S. you have 90 more days to get them done!

My list could have easily been longer, but as I mentioned in my 8 Books to Read This Summer post, I’m trying to be somewhat realistic with my goals these days.

* Finish My Summer Reading List *

What better place to start then my goal of completing my summer reading list. Having already completed one and working hard on the next I’m fairly certain I’ll cross this one off my list. I plan on reviewing each of the eight I included on the list. With all of this reading, it will be a challenge to pick a favorite book of the month on my Favorites posts this summer.

8 Books to Read This Summer -

* Bake a Pie *

Art of Pie by Kate McDermott courtesy of Amazon - Summer Bucket List - sheer heart.orgFrom scratch of course! Other than quiche and pudding pies, I’m halfway embarrassed to admit I’ve never tried baking a pie. This week while at HEB, I found the most gorgeous peaches. Instantly, I knew I wanted to make peach cobbler and ice cream that night. That got me thinking why the heck I don’t just try my hand  at a pie. Trying to decide what kind to make. Any suggestions? I’m thinking definitely some sort of fruit pie. Maybe I ought to test drive my grandma’s apple pie. Otherwise I’ll have to test drive a recipe from this cookbook.

* Day Trip Somewhere New to Me *

Just like it sounds. I’d like to jump in my car and drive somewhere to take pictures, eat good food, listen to music or just simply to hang out with friends.

* Dance the Night Away *

Well I know I’m going to cross this off quickly. The dance hall in Quihi has dances every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. If you’ve never been to this dance hall, make it a point to visit when you near. It truly is my favorite dance floor.

* DIY Family Picture *

This one may be a challenge, but I think we may be up for it. I’ve got a tripod and plenty of scenery to play as a background, now I’ve just got to convince my sisters to play along. Luckily the internet is a wonderful world, for the most part, and I found numerous links with tips and tricks.

Raspa courtesy of Yelp - Summer Bucket List -* Eat a Raspa *

Aka a snow cone. Yummy flavored icy goodness. My favorite is strawberry with the addition of chamoy and chili. Or magonadas are pretty darn delicious too! My eyes are peeled for roadside stands and food trucks carrying these goodies.

* Try Out a New Restaurant *

Like many, we have our favorites in life and tend to stick to them because of comfort. But this is the summer to venture out. We are already going to try out the new restaurant in Castroville called Fremdes. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts for all of my fellow Medina County friends!

* Make Homemade Pizza *

Seriously, it’s about time I attempt not only that pie I mentioned earlier, but pizza dough. As much as I love, love, love pizza, I want to make my own perfect pizza at home! Any recipe suggestions? Really haven’t done too much research on it yet.

* Visit a Farmers Market *

Farmers Market at the Pearl - Summer Bucket List - sheerheart.orgYears and years ago, my mom and dad had a big garden. It was full of multiple varieties of squash, string beans, okra and more. It was wonderful, but a huge task! Now a days I don’t have that garden, but farmers markets are great places to find all of those fresh fruits and vegetables.

One of my favorites right now is roasted okra. Quick and easy. Wash okra and trim off stem end. Lay whole on baking sheet, drizzling with oil and sprinkling with salt. Place in an oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 20-25 minutes. If you don’t prefer the slimy quality of okra, cut them length-wise and bake for similar time. That will dry the okra out somewhat.

* Create My Own Stationary *

I thoroughly enjoy writing letters. And thanks to Old Navy, I found great deals on random cards, to the tune of 6 for $1! But all good things come to an end, and I will run out of my stock one of these days. But when that day comes, I want to have my own stationary. And why not create it myself? Depending how it goes, I’ll have to share my results and experience!

* Learn Something New *

European countries and capitals. In the 5th grade, we had to remember all of the states and capitals. I enjoyed the task and am happy that for the most part, the information has stuck with me all of these years later. So with that in mind, I’m turning my sites on the rest of the world! There’s only 50 of them so I think this will be attainable. Maybe it won’t be extremely useful knowledge to have in life, but I doubt it would hurt.

* Birthday Parties *

Finally, what is summer without parties. July 4th, couples showers, weddings, and of course birthday parties. Not only do I have a birthday during summer, but so do at least 11 other family members! I don’t think I’ll be throwing myself a 27th birthday party, but dinner at Mom and Dad’s is close to a party anyhow.

Poolside with Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane - Summer Bucket List -

Summer has me wishing I was poolside or on the dock at the lake with book in hand and breathing the fresh, hot air of South Texas. And trust me, I’ll be close to that on every Friday (after 5pm), Saturday and Sunday until probably October!

As I always, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I love hearing from you!

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