Top 5 Friday: Max Stalling

Top 5 Friday: Max Stalling -

Max Stalling. Oh Max. I’m not sure how many years it has been since my ears first heard his music, but they’ve been better off ever since. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to see him live several times. He truly is one of the best when it comes to putting on a show. You’re not going to see fireworks blowing off the stage or him swinging on a wrecking ball. But what you will experience is good music, entertaining stories and spectacular musical talents. His music makes you smile and want to dance. From his smooth voice to catchy, but not mainstream, lyrics, Max Stalling is exactly what I think Texas Country is all about.

And did I mention, he is an Aggie?!? Even better.

Actually two of my favorite memories involves Max Stalling. First, I had plans to go to his concert on Memorial Day weekend back in 2015. Sure it looked like it was going to be a stormy night, but a little rain wouldn’t hurt. Well, all of a sudden, as we went to park under the overpass and run into Sam’s Burger Joint, tornado sirens begin blaring downtown and we realized the area of town we were in was in a tornado warning! Yikes. But it made for a spectacular night and concert, one I’ll never forget.

Secondly, last summer I had friend’s wedding in Magnolia, Texas. So my plans were to drive up Saturday. But for some reason, I happened to look at Max Stalling’s tour dates the Thursday before and realized he was playing in downtown Bryan at The Grand Stafford Theater Friday night! Slight change of plans, I packed my things Friday morning (procrastination, of course), and was College Station bound after work. Not only did I get to see Max play, but I got to hang out with one of my best friends the entire night on top of it all!

With that being said, ever since I shared my Top 5 Friday post regarding Guy Clark, I have wanted to do the same for Max. However, I love his music so much, it has taken me a while to narrow down the list! I’m quite certain many of you would have to do the same if you are familiar with his music. In fact, how about you comment below with your Max Stalling favorites!

Be sure to check his site frequently to see if he has a show near you coming up. You won’t regret it.

Max Stalling

Goodnight Never Meant Goodbye

You have no idea how many times I’ve written “Goodbye Never Meant Goodnight” or “Goodbye Never Meant Goodbye”. Nonetheless, this has been my number one favorite of Stalling’s ever since I heard it. Oddly enough, for the longest time I thought this was going to be the first song I danced to at my wedding one of these days. I guarantee, if you love dancing, you won’t be able to listen to this song without your body wanting to dance across your kitchen floor.

Long Way to Get

This song actually was first written and performed by Bob Schneider, but Stalling does it brilliantly. I don’t as much want to dance to this song as I want to sit with Dad in some patio chairs and listen to it.

Running Buddy

This was the first Max Stalling song I ever heard on the radio. I remember driving and having to ask myself, “Did I hearย Hondo in this song?” I was sure my ears had played me until I listened closer.

From Dancing to a Waltz

This is where these lists get tricky. But this song has me counting down the hours until I’m on the dance floor at Quihi tomorrow night. Good thing I’ve got myself a heck of a dance partner. I wish I could have found another video of this being sung live. I love sharing videos of songs being performed live, because you can tell how truly talented Texas Country singers are. But this still is worth at least ten listens before the day is through.

Topaz City

Again, to my surprise I wasn’t able to find a video of Max Stalling performing Topaz City live. But there is something about this song that I can’t explain that causes me to almost get chills every time this song begins to play.

Honorable Mentions:

It’s not a Top 5 Friday post without a few Honorable Mentions. I’ll list them with links to the songs. I also have a playlist of some of my favorite Max Stalling videos I found on YouTube.

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As always, hope y’all have a wonderful day! Catch y’all next week.

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