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Before I get to my June favorites, I want to wish you a Happy 4th of July!!!

Holidays that fall during the middle of the week make work so interesting. I had off this past Friday, but worked Monday and then we have today off. So it has made for a weird week. Actually it has felt like a long vacation. Especially since most of my time has been spent at the lake over the last few days. No better place to be this time of year!

June was one heck of a month. Vacationed, cooked, baked, read, photographed, etc. And do I have some awesome favorites to share with you!

June Favorites

Favorite Book

Shouldn’t I always start these lists off with favorite book? After all there is a dedicated category to reading on this blog. I had the chance to read several books in June. Now that I think of it, I need to do an update on my reading challenge in 2017! I really couldn’t narrow it down too much so I am going to list my few favorites:

Milk Street Radio Podcast courtesy of 177milkstreet.com - June Favorites 2017 - sheerheart.orgFavorite Podcast

Hands down, it has been Milk Street Radio. I always loved America’s Test Kitchen, and now Christopher Kimball started this podcast. If you love food and learning how to make it, check this out.

Favorite Movie

Whoohoo I watched one movie, in its entirety, this month! Good thing I loved it! The Accountant is spectacular, had me guessing the whole time. Until I had it figured out that is.

Art of the Pie by Kate McDermott courtesy of Amazon - June Favorites 2017 - sheerheart.orgFavorite Amazon Buy

It may be hard to believe, but with all of the cooking/baking I do, I had never baked a pie before. Well that is other than quiche and pudding pies in store-bought crusts.

But I have crossed that off my bucket list now thanks to Art of the Pie by Kate McDermott. I happened to stumble on this cookbook through Amazon’s recommendations to me. I guess knew I needed to overcome fears this month! Sure enough my first pie, Angel Food Pie, turned out amazing! And that was with time constraints, uncertainty and my usual over thinking involved. Looking forward to the next one I make!

Favorite Meal Cooked

Synonyms for summer may include peach cobbler and homemade ice cream; I’m almost certain of it. The cobbler recipe I have been using is perhaps the easiest out there (click here for recipe). So easy that I made it three times in June! Almost have it committed to memory by now.

On top of the cobbler, I also made a dish using orzo, baby broccoli, carrots and chicken thighs. I baked both the broccoli and diced carrots while I cooked the thighs in my cast iron skillet. Once the orzo was cooked, I placed in the skillet with all of the remanences left behind from the chicken. Added the chicken I coarsely diced, and the carrots and broccoli back to the pan. Easy weeknight dinner!

Favorite Picture Taken

Favorite Picture Taken - June Favorites 2017 - sheerheart.org

Isn’t my godson the cutest?!? Tomorrow he will be 365 days old :))

Favorite Post

Naturally…farm feature: My Favorite Cow Pictures I Have Taken - sheer heart.org

Other Favorites

Usually I stick to these categories, but this month I had a few other favorites I found to be worth including!

What were some of your June Favorites? As always, thank you so much for visiting sheerheart.org. Come back soon! Hope y’all have a happy and safe 4th of July! Happy birthday America!

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