Time to Celebrate: National Ice Cream Month

Time to Celebrate: National Ice Cream Month - sheerheart.org

Hip-hip-hooray, it is National Ice Cream Month!

As many of you may know, I not only love ice cream, but I love to make ice cream. Years ago for Christmas or my birthday, I can’t quite remember, I was gifted an ice cream maker. It was one that looked like a wooden bucket that required ice and rock salt to thorough chill the ice cream mixture inside the canister. Needless to say, I wore that sucker out in a year.

Being in college, proves the perfect atmosphere for ice cream testing. Countless willing taste testers. You could say, ice cream won me some friends.

Fast-forward a few years and two machines later, I’m still loving and making ice cream. Over my lunch break, I took a moment to gather a few ice cream recipes I want to try out asap. Feel free to share your favorite.

First off, I know my family is rolling their eyes reading this one. Last year, I made Strawberry Basil Ice Cream. While I liked the creamy creation, my family did not. Actually, my youngest sister told me that she liked the ice cream. Only later, I found out she hadn’t even tried it!
But note, there is no basil in this ice cream.

I actually spied this recipe in my newest cookbook I mentioned in my previous post, Dorie’s Cookies. But I saw where she shared it with the e-list last month; here’s the link.

For some reason here lately, I have been intrigued with buttermilk. I want everything to have buttermilk in it. From my biscuits to pancakes to waffles to cakes and now ice cream!

Buttered Pecan has always topped my list when it comes to favorite ice cream flavors. So why not add bourbon and salt? It’s bound to make it even more of a fave!

Reminds me of an ice cream I tasted from Lick at the Pearl Brewery. I’m intrigued to say the least. Chocolate has always been one of those flavors that requires a bit more effort to achieve.

While we’re on the subject of chocolate, this sounds right up our alley. Thankfully, I have all of the ingredients on-hand other than the nibs, but I’ll be sure to add that to my grocery list stat.

Now this! This is something that has been on my mind for months now. Hmm should I move it to the top of the list?

Boozy ice cream is all the rage. I want to join in but by dipping my toe first. A little brandy and brown sugar shouldn’t push me too far in, right?

And because I have a dear friend, who is a Rosé lover, this may be the perfect birthday gift! I’m no pink wine drinker, but this sounds pretty darn refreshing!

Whew, what a list. I’m feeling inspired already! In a couple months once I have tried all of these, I will report back with my thoughts and conclusions. In case you haven’t already seen, I have two of my ice cream recipes posted on sheerheart.org. I’ll list the both of them along with a link to my favorite ice cream machine below, if interested.chocolate ice cream

Now do yourself a favor, head over to your nearest creamery and grab yourself a cup or cone of ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream month! Even better, try your hand at your own; I promise it’s way easier than you’d think!

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    • For how easy it can be, it’s one of the best desserts. A real crowd-pleaser!

  1. I have a soft spot for ice cream. Always ask my daughter if she wants to go get some after dinner. She never finishes hers and I get to have extra….LOL

  2. Oh my goodness! This sounds heavenly! I want to come be your taste tester because all the flavors you want to taste really sound good! Strawberry Basil even sounds like something I’d enjoy. I totally want an icecream maker now!

    • It’s definitely a good investment. Maybe something to add to the Christmas or birthday list!
      Summers have been more enjoyable knowing I could whip up a batch of ice cream at my leisure. For the basic recipes, it’s easy to keep ingredients on hand too!

  3. YAY for ice cream! Thanks for all these fabulous recipes. Can’t wait to try some of them.

  4. Ice cream is my favorite treat, I NEVER complain about celebrating national ice cream month! These all sound delicious!

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