July Favorites

July Favorites 2017 curated by sheerheart.org

HAPPY AUGUST! One of my most favorite months out of the year, I wonder why ;) But before we get deep into August, here are my July favorites!

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July Favorites

Favorite Book

I had to do some serious catch up on my Summer Reading list. Halfway through June and into July, I didn’t feel like reading whatsoever. I blame that on the book I was reading at the time, but now I’m back into the game. In July, I ended up loving three books:

The audio book version of The Son was wonderful. Unfortunately, I liked it so much I don’t care to watch the new TV series based on it. Again I listed to A Gentleman in Moscow. I’m curious if I would have the same feelings toward A Gentleman in Moscow if I had read through a hard copy. milk and honey is a book of poems recommended to me by a friend. Reading poetry was a new experience for me. Although easy to read, it was highly impactful.

Favorite TV Show

Shark Week courtesy of DiscoveryChannel.com - July Favorites 2017 curated by sheerheart.org

SHARK WEEK! Ha Last week that is all we watched. No baseball, only sharks and the Cooking Channel. Which leads me to my next July favorite, Cheap Eats. So far I have only seen this come on the Cooking Channel. In short, the host has $35 to eat breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner in one city. Maybe this would be a great prompt for a blog?!?!

Cheap Eats courtesy of The Cooking Channel - July 2017 Favorites curated by sheerheart.org

Favorite Movie

Hey we actually watched a movie this month! Meet the Joneses was finally on HBO this month. I’ll admit, I have yet to watch this in one sitting. More often than not, I catch the beginning one day, the end a few days later and then finally the middle through the end days after that. I’m getting used to his way of watching movies. Now if only I can get some oldies recorded asap.

Favorite YouTube Channel

Off the Ranch. This isn’t a new favorite, but it is about time I share it with y’all. Basically it’s a family from Texas that go around living life and vlogging their way through it. I like it so much because they are totally relate-able, not to mention, I love Vet Ranch, another one of Matt’s channels, so much.

Favorite Instagram

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Caption this.

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Seriously I have come to LOVE seeing @thefarmerswife in my Instagram feed. Coming from a background in the beef industry, the dairy world has always intrigued me. So much so that I took a dairy science class at Texas A&M. Not only will you see cute pictures, but she provides an incredible amount of information throughout her posts.

Favorite Amazon Buy

I surely surprised my UPS man this past month. Very few packages were delivered! But at the beginning of the month, I purchased three books by Andrea Beaty as a birthday gift. They are cute and smart at the same time!

Favorite Meal Cooked

Peach Pie - July Favorites 2017 curated by sheerheart.org

The oven and stove top were busy in July. I made 8 pie crusts in one month. Each week I buy two pounds of butter. But once you eat homemade crust, you realize how much better it is. From multiple Quiches to Angel Food pie to this peach pie, I have loved baking pies. Again, all of the credit goes to Kate McDermott and her book Art of the Pie.

Soon I will be sharing my go-to quiche recipe as well as the beef stir-fry I have loved making lately!

Favorite Picture Taken

If you read my post, Lake Bound, you would recognize this picture. I still cannot get over how beautiful this world is!

Lake Bound: Fun at Medina Lake - sheerheart.org

Favorite Post

July was a great month on sheerheart.org! Choosing my favorite would be asking a lot. Which was your favorite??

Well I believe that about wraps up my July Favorites. Believe it or not, I already have a few August favorites!

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July Favorites 2017 curated by sheerheart.org


  1. How fun! Nothing brings people together like shark week haha! I’ve never read A Gentleman in Moscow, but it looks good!

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