About Me 2.0 / 27 for Twenty-seven

About Me 2.0 / 27 for Twenty-seven - sheerheart.org

It has been way too long since I worked on my About Me page. Today I was reminded of a post I did two years ago called 25 for Twenty-five. It was such a fun way to share more about myself without just babbling on. Therefore, I found it fitting to update my About Me during my birthday week. So here goes a little Q&A session:

27 for Twenty-seven: About Me

What is my favorite movie, song and book?

What do I love to do for others?

  • I love to cook/bake for people. Whether it’s baking a quiche, making ice cream or baking cookies for the office, I just love to share goodies.

In the next year what would I like to achieve?

  • Have a down payment saved up for my next vehicle!

What is on my “list”?

  • Blog and get organized

What is the most “from scratch” thing I make regularly?

  • Homemade pie crust and quiche. I’ve been making one each week for the last month! The recipe for the pie crust is 2 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 14 tbsp. cold butter, and 1/2 cup ice water.

What is one thing I probably will never do?

  • Sky dive, attend fashion week, wear burnt orange

What are you committed to?

  • My family and all those I love

Next recipe to try:

What do I wish I did more of?

  • Long walks on the ranch with my sisters and the dogs

If I could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

  • People’s perception and understanding of the agriculture industry

What excites me?

  • RAIN!

What is my dream vacation?

  • Traveling across the country touring ranches and blogging about it :)

How do you like to relax?

  • Either riding around looking at cows or going on a long jets ride

Share a birthday memory.

  • The first day of Kindergarten fell on my birthday. I remember Mom had baked chocolate chip cookies and wrapped them in cellophane baggies (I believe they were Mickey Mouse related) for all of my classmates. I was  wearing a denim button up dress with a pleated plaid trim.

Me in three words.

  • Loving, social, eager

What qualities do I admire most in others?

  • Kindness

What habit would I most like to break?

  • Keeping things longer than I should. I’m still holding on to a pair of Levi jeans I wore throughout college that are literally worn to pieces. But each time I talk myself into throwing them out, when I grab them, my mind changes.

What practical skills do I wish I had?

  • I wish I knew how to change my oil, or my tire for that matter!

My favorite words.

  • Nonetheless, patience, discernment

One thing I know I need to work on:

  • Time and money management

A recent silver lining:

  • A couple of weeks ago, we were supposed to get much-needed rain; however, it just missed us. In church that weekend, Fr. Paul reminded us that when we don’t get the rain we need, someone else got the rain they needed.

A sentence that recently stopped me in my tracks:

  • “Every youngster wants to be a grown-up, but the difference between a child and an adult is not years, rather its the willingness to accept responsibility, to be responsible for one’s own actions.” – from Flint by Louis L’Amour (one of the books I am currently reading)

What is a piece of advice I’d give to a younger person?

  • Find happiness with yourself, before seeking it in others.

When people first meet me, I hope they feel ___.

  • At ease, comfortable, inspired.

What is something I’d want to do today?

  • Go visit with my grandparents.

Putting my music library on shuffle, the first three songs played:

What is the last non-fiction book I read?

That was 27, right? Ok yes I counted. Start thinking of questions to ask me for my 28 for Twenty-eight post next year!

As always looking forward to hearing from y’all!
With all of this crazy weather in our forecast thanks to Harvey, I may have some pictures to share next week.. Maybe some time cooped up in the house will help me to prepare a few blogs in advance!
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About Me 2.0 / 27 for Twenty-seven - sheerheart.org

About Me 2.0 / 27 for Twenty-seven - sheerheart.org


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