Weekend Recap – 8.28.2017

Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org

It’s time for a little weekend recap action on the blog today. Hurricane Harvey has made its impact across Texas. However, it didn’t impact me quite as much as we thought/hoped for. Nonetheless, I’m sending up my prayers for all affected. As terrible as it has been to see the damage and pain caused, it has also been a beautiful thing to watch people helping others no matter who they are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see all of these good deeds and efforts publicized for weeks, months and years to come.

God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life. – Romans 8:28

Weekend Recap


Alrighty, getting back to the weekend that was. We had previously planned on being at the lake all weekend to round out the week. But with the bad weather looming we figured against a lake weekend. Meteorologists were estimating 8-12″ or more of rain in our area. But looking at the forecast, it looked like most would come Saturday/Sunday. So we headed on over to my grandparents. To our surprise they weren’t there. Old people with other places to be rather than home?!?! That’s my grandparents for you, always on the go.

Lucky for them and us, we found something to do in the meantime. We jumped on the four-wheeler and went exploring. As we got started, we saw a black cloud looming in the northeast, but we were chancing it. Twenty minutes later, that black cloud found us! Driving a four-wheeler against the rain is actually quite painful! But we made it up the hill to my parents house, parked under a tree and ran as fast as we could to the porch. Pretty sure we caught everyone by surprise coming in during the little storm. The dogs were having a blast and wanted us to stay outside and play.

For the next hour or so, we hung out there, wrapped up in towels. Not having thought supper through, we bummed some chalupas off of my mom. You can always count on my mother to have enough food to share. Chit-chatted for quite some time. Caught up with everyone. You see, not seeing my family members for over three days creates plenty of conversation. After our visit with my parents, we ventured back to Grandma and Grandpa’s. Visits with them are always the best. Sure to be full of laughter and having to repeat yourself :)


Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org

We had fully prepared ourselves to be stuck in the house Saturday and Sunday due to rain. Saturday morning we got up and fixed a fantastic breakfast sandwich with my favorite buttermilk biscuit recipe (stay tuned for the recipe), turkey bacon, eggs and cheddar cheese. Finding the tiniest pans in the cabinets we figured on cooking the eggs in those. However, none of my biscuit cutters were large enough to accommodate. So we went through all of the cabinets pulling out jars and cups to inspect their size. Turns out using the large Yeti cup was absolutely what we needed.

Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org

Flint by Louis L'Amour courtesy of Amazon - sheerheart.orgAfter breakfast we split up the cleaning duties and tackled the counters, floors and appliances. Of course I found some time to read. Currently reading Flint by Louis L’Amour. Such a good, classic L’Amour book.

But just after noon and a smoothie, boredom had pretty well sunk in. It felt like we had 8″ of wind in the gauge, but no measurable rain. With no movies on TV worth watching, we decided to venture out. After checking a few things out in Castroville, we made our way into San Antonio to cross a few things off of the to-do list, and we even did the grocery shopping! Gosh, it always feels nice to get that out-of-the-way before Sunday rolls around. But I rarely have the time to do that.

Tweet, tweet. My phone goes off to inform me my mother is inviting us over for supper. Not chalupas this time, rather ham, beans, macaroni salad, and Dad’s homemade rolls. And a cake! With little else on the agenda, it’s hard to turn down an invite as such. Shortly before we were to head over, Dad texted me asking if we could pick up the “old peeps”. Yes, my dad used the word “peeps”. Of course we did. Although I think we should have brought a step-ladder for Grandma to make it into the truck!

With grandparents in tow, we arrived just in time for supper. Supper and dessert were fabulous, but even more fabulous was the company. My parents, two of my sisters, future brother-in-law, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin all there just to hang out on a Saturday night. I’m no fool. I know how fortunate I am to have the people I am surrounded by. Watching a little preseason football together, laughing, telling stories, and so on. Nights like these don’t ever fall short.


Sunday morning was similar to usual. Eight AM mass at Our Lady of Grace. Fr. Paul’s sermon this week revolved around “The Golden Rule”. The real Golden Rule that is. Growing up, Dad [jokingly] always taught us that the Golden Rule was, “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” Thankfully Fr. Paul didn’t put me on the spot regarding this, as I’m not sure if I would have been able to answer correctly. Of course the real rule is, “Do to others what you want them to do to you.”

With that being said, Fr. Paul reminded us to do good without expecting anything in return. This sermon reminded me of the Litany of Humility one of my lovely coworkers introduced me to a couple of weeks ago.

After church, we always head over to my Granny’s house where she has a fantastic breakfast prepared for us. From biscuits and gravy, to egg bread (a.k.a. French toast), to breakfast tacos, to quiche, and so forth, you are always taken well care of at Granny’s. Words cannot describe how happy it makes me to have the same Sunday morning tradition I had growing up. Having four generations in Granny’s kitchen, organized chaos as it may, has you feeling the love!

Once we’re back home from church and Granny’s, I had to get a nap in! Ha I know it was not even 10 a.m., but I already needed a nap. And in typical-Alyx fashion, it was a 3 hour nap! I usually kick myself after taking such a long nap, but since it was gloomy outside still, I didn’t feel I was missing out all that much. And since the grocery shopping was over, I still felt like I had time to spare.

Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org

So naturally, I decide to make a couple of pie crusts to have handy for the week. If you’ve been around for the last couple of months, you’ll know I have been a mighty big fan of Art of the Pie by Kate McDermott. After making a couple of pie crusts to throw in the fridge, I decided to dabble in some of my other cookbooks. So pulling out Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan, I flipped to a brownie recipe. Oh. My. Goodness. These brownies were heavenly. Full review coming soon.

Dories Cookies by Dorie Greenspan courtesy of Amazon - Baking Cookies Like a Pro - sheerheart.org

Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 Making Brownies from Dorie's Cookies by Dorie Greenspan - sheerheart.org

You think I was done cooking for the day? Well of course not! I had chicken thighs in the crockpot. It has been quite some time since I made chicken enchiladas. Needing to change that, I made may way over to m favorite taco house in Castroville, Taqueria San Juan’s to grab a couple dozen corn tortillas. With tortillas in hand, I was ready to start rolling some enchiladas. After roasting bell pepper, tomatillos and garlic, I processed them with several handfuls of cilantro to make my enchilada sauce.

We can never have too much cilantro in a dish! Once I had my sauce ready and chicken shredded, I made my assembly line on the stove. 18 of the original 24 tortillas made it to the point of becoming enchiladas. Not sure what happened to the other tortillas… ;)

Beings HEB has been telling me for days and weeks that Hatch pepper season is upon us, I decided to use the Hatch flavored cheese I found on sale this week! It turned out to be a perfect match!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my enchiladas this go ’round. But I’ll get to working on a recipe post asap.

What felt like an hour later, the kitchen was cleaned and it was time to wrap up the weekend. Showered and hair in a braid, I sat back on the bed and felt like I had a productive weekend. Most times I count a weekend as productive when I worked cows for hours on end, did something that made me sweat or checked a bunch off of the ole to-do list. While I worked zero cows, sweat very little and crossed only a handful of things off the list, I still felt as though this was one good weekend for the books.

As always looking forward to hearing from y’all!
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Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org

Weekend Recap 8.28.2017 - sheerheart.org


  1. It sounds like you have a lovely weekend! It’s great Harvey didn’t affect you as much as you thought. If you know anyone in the Houston/Corpus Christi/Galveston areas, I hope they are safe.

    Have a great day Alyx :)

  2. You really did have a great weekend so did all of us that had your company. I truly did enjoy all of your whereabouts. We never know when you will be stopping by so we never know when we should stay at home but that’s o.k. We love you just the same. Grandma T.

  3. This sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend. I chuckled at your comment about repeating yourself with the grandparents — that’s my life! We see my grandparents on the regular and it’s now just habit to talk a little lower and slower so my Gram can read my lips. Love her.

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