Weekend Recap – 9.18.2017

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When you have a hell of a weekend, a recap is in order.

All summed up, our weekend went like this: our favorite restaurant, high school football, hard work, evening mass, slow dancing, brunch, naptime, chores, baking, sleep.

Weekend Recap – 9.18.2017


It’s 4:30 and I’m walking out of the office. Already I’m getting texts asking where I am at. Apparently, he’s hungry and ready to go get supper. Yeah we’re that couple eating dinner with all of the old folks at our favorite restaurant, Julianna’s. As soon as I park, I’m hustling to jump into the pickup before he leaves me behind! Forty-five minutes, and an errand, later, we arrive at Julianna’s. Last week when we came, you could barely get two seats at the bar it was so packed. But with the football game Friday night, pitting two teams down the road from each other, not many were out to eat.

But per our usual lately, we grab two seats at the bar. Last week I got the Spark Notes edition on tennis. I was surprised to find myself a little disappointed that tennis wasn’t on again this week. But some NFL show was on. Always interesting watching a show that is muted with no subtitles. Nonetheless, it supplemented our conversation well. Loving football is one of those things we have in common.

Friday, we split the calamari, a bistro salad, a cup of tomato basil soup and a supreme pizza. Oh and he got cheesecake, but I only sneaked a few bites from him. Sounds like a lot of food, but it’d surprise you how good of a deal it is. And the good thing was we had enough leftovers to cover us Saturday!

We then made our way to Hondo to watch some high school football. Funny thing, normally I’m rooting for Hondo when we come to these games, as he hails from there. But this week they were playing my alma mater, the Medina Valley Panthers. The game was a Tale of Two Games. First half, Hondo was clearly the better team; second half, Medina Valley. Both teams shot themselves in the foot on multiple occasions, but in the end, my team won! I had a good laugh to myself about how something so trivial turned out to be so fun.

A late night and an early morning ahead.


The morning came quick. We were up and dressed in work clothes. Headed off to help some friends with a patio. Well not the actually patio part but the base work. Shovels and rakes and string and a tape measure. Two guys and two girls. Then I was informed how women just weren’t made for this type of work. Oh boy. If you know me, this only made me bite my tongue and try my best to get after it. Maybe that’s why I found my back so rigid come Sunday morning…

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

Ha a good laugh about that once our day was complete. Talk about a productive four hours. We made it home in time to have lunch (i.e. leftovers) and clean up for church and a wedding reception.

Excerpt of the gospel this week:

“Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive? As many as seven times?
Jesus answered, “I say to you , not seven times but seventy-seven times.”

I’m sure if Peter would have asked if 77 times was enough, Jesus would counter with 777 times instead.

P.S. I can’t tell you enough how much I love going to my little church. Sitting in the pew behind my Granny, Aunt Diane, Aunt Ima, and my baby cousin Addy. I couldn’t help but smile through the whole mass.
Family enriches church and church enriches family.

Time for a little dancing. A short trip through town, we arrive just in time to grab some food, and catch up with family and friends at the wedding. Too tired from the morning’s work left us on the sidelines for the Grand March. But you better believe we set our drinks down and hurried on the dance floor as soon as we heard Silver Wings started.

Left earlier than usual to catch the second half of the longhorn vs. USC game. Unlike usual, I wasn’t rooting against the longhorns. That’d be because the starting QB, Sam Ehlinger, is related to me. Imagine that. His dad was my dad’s first cousin. Does that make us 2nd or 3rd cousins? I’ve never quite understood how that goes. Unfortunately, I guess, the longhorns weren’t able to come up with the win, but it was a heck of a game.

Another late night.


Whiskey Cake - Weekend Recap 9.18.2017 - sheerheart.org

But not another early morning. It was 7:45 when I woke up. No alarm needed. Perfect timing. That’s because Whiskey Cake opens at 9 a.m. on Sundays. Normally we’re at Granny’s house for breakfast on Sundays, but since we already did church, we changed up the routine this go ’round. Whiskey Cake first, HEB after.

This was only my second time to Whiskey Cake. I just love walking inside that place. Their decor is everything. From the mismatching mugs and plates, to the farmhouse decor, it had me smiling.

Whiskey Cake - Weekend Recap 9.18.2017 - sheerheart.orgCoffee, strong coffee.
Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice.
Cheddar & Jalapeno Drop Biscuits served with house gravy
Farmer’s Breakfast (with my egg fried “super hard” because I don’t like runny yolks)
Whiskey Cake

Of course when you go eat with him, even if it is breakfast, dessert is not out of the question. And how do you like your eggs cooked? I’m not sure why, but I have never been a fan of runny yolks. They sure delivered when I asked for them to be super hard. It was perfect. This is probably my favorite breakfast item now that blueberry-lemon-poppy-seed pancakes aren’t on the menu.

Quick, I mean real quick trip to HEB and then back in time for a nap before Sunday football commenced. How about them Cowboys… I mean Broncos! I can’t be mad, with fellow Aggie Von Miller lined up against the Cowboys, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t rooting for him.

Quiche - Weekend Recap 9.18.2017 - sheerheart.orgSeveral loads of laundry, one quiche and a pan of brownies baked later, I was ready to call it a weekend.

That brownie recipe I’ve been raving about, is coming, real soon.

As always looking forward to hearing from y’all!
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