Just for Fun // March 2018

Just For Fun // March 2018 - sheerheart.org

It’s been awhile since I last did a Just for Fun type of post. So here you go :) Go ahead and comment below with your answers to these questions!

Just for Fun


Book: The Lonesome Gods by Louis L’amour

Snack: Alamo Candy Co. Picositas Candy Belts

Show: Diagnosis Murderer or Bonanza

Podcast: Catholic Stuff You Should Know

BeverageWater with a squeeze of lemon

Savory Food: Beef tenderloin, cooked whole and to medium-rare on the rare side!

Sweet Food: Warm brownie topped with my vanilla ice cream

Girl Scout Cookie: Samoa (aka Carmel deLites)

Color: Green

Music: Old country music from the 1950s-1970s

School Subject: American History

Smell: Bales of hay or fresh-cut grass

This or That

Queso / Guac

Book / TV Show

Early Bird / Night Owl

Summer / Winter

Lake / Beach

Breakfast / Dinner

Pancakes / Waffles

Well there you go, just trying to keep it light on a Friday! Hope everyone has a spectacular Friday and weekend. I have lots on the agenda for the next couple of days. Of course, something will be baked this weekend. Be sure to follow on Instagram or Facebook to find out just what goodies I make!

As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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