My South Texas Christmas Bucket List

Winter in South Texas 2017

Winter in South Texas 2017

Goodbye November. Hello last 31 days of the year. Well 27 days now.

Where has the time gone? I should write a novel about all that has happened since I last posted. Whoops. But to give you the super spark notes version: I planned a wedding, became an aunt, turned 28, got married and even legally changed my name. Whoa, what a year it has been. Now that the dust has settled, I feel a bit more prepared to get back to blogging. Looking forward to some of the posts I already have in the works, especially with the holidays here!

Each week, I get an email from a blog/site called Half Baked Harvest. I have mentioned HBH so many times, because the recipes posted are approachable and most importantly yummy! Not to mention I find her website so inspiring. Regularly she also releases a post called “nine favorite things.” In her post from November 25th, she lists her December Bucket List, and I immediately started making my own list. But of course, I don’t think building a snowman and walking through “a snowy Central Park” will make it on my South Texas Christmas list.

With that being said, below I listed a handful of things I’d like to check off the list during this holiday season. Will you be doing this Christmas season?

My South Texas Christmas Bucket List

Watch one of the Netflix holiday movies they won’t stop advertising…
I guess Hallmark movies would count too, but that doesn’t seem very 2018, does it?

Read another Christmas-themed novel. Currently reading The Christmas Train by David Baldacci (surprise, surprise!).

Hand-write my Christmas cards to send out by snail mail.

Drive around town to check out all of the lights. I remember doing this when we were little, but haven’t ever done it on my own.

Visit a tree farm.

Donate to the food pantry.

Reverse Advent Calendar by

Visit local shops to get my Christmas shopping done.

Christmas cleaning. Is this a thing?

Bake and decorate sugar cookies. Homemade royal icing, sprinkles and all. Any ideas or recipes to recommend?

Photograph the season.

My biggest challenge in creating this list, is not making it a to-do list. Too often, I turn lists that are supposed to be fun into more of a chore. I’ll keep my to-do list in my journal, but this is really the list I need to focus on this season.

Hard to believe that almost a year ago, we got enough snow to stick well through the night. Don’t think we’ll see that kind of weather for several more years, but we made the most of it.

Alrighty, well I hope y’all have a wonderful day! And be sure to comment below with any suggestions to add to my list, or better yet, share what yours will be!

As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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