Thoughts and Favorites: Christmas Edition

December Sunsets - Thoughts and Favorites: Christmas Edition

Christmas had a way of taking forever to get here and then all of a sudden being over. Did it feel that way to you? Or perhaps, somehow I got sucked into a different atmosphere for a spell and missed all of the fun. But don’t you worry, the Christmas cheer did reach me in time. Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. was just as we could have planned. Low key, but far from boring. I think that could be our life motto, really.

Some of my thoughts and favorites, from this Christmas season:

Spending time with family. At times hustling back and forth between our family functions can seem hectic; however, once we get to where we’re supposed to be, it is simply wonderful sharing this time of year with so many we love and adore.

Christmas cards. As much as some would call them a waste of money, I love Christmas cards. They’ll be so fun to collect from year to year and watch your family grow and change as life leads them. Here is our first Christmas card..

Recently, I begun to save and paste my family and friends’ cards into my daily journal so that I can look back on them in the years to come. With my family ever-growing, I know it will be even more fun to look at these in years to come!

Did you send out Christmas cards? Were your envelopes handwritten on or did you use labels?

Cookbooks. Opening up a brand new cookbook is so exciting! Am I the only one that gets jittery at all of the possibilities?!? Maybe that’s the book nerd and cooking-fanatic in me. Although, I must admit, when buying cookbooks for myself, I enjoy buying used. Their spines are usually already worn in and the occasional spill or tear in a page makes me appreciate it even more.

Notable cookbooks I got as gifts:

What is your favorite cookbook at the moment? Or do you get recipes from the internet? I do a bit of both. Although, if I get them off of the internet, I prefer to print them out or write them down.

Baking sugar cookies. Listen. I’ve made plenty of sugar cookies before. However, they were always the non-decorated, rustic get. This year, I don’t know exactly what inspired me, but I decided to go all out and decorate some darn cookies. I used the Genius Kitchen recipe for both the cookie and icing. I plan on making some for Valentines, Easter and pretty much any holiday I can find reason for to practice my craft. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures!

Instagram stories. I remember when Instagram launched their stories. I thought how silly, Snapchat already does that. Now ask me what I think. Ha isn’t that funny how our opinions can so drastically change. Anyhow, over the last six months, I really have come to appreciate numerous IG accounts for their stories. Not only can they be entertaining, but they can be educational too!

Do you have anyone you love following for one reason or another? I want to hear!

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As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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  1. Thanks for everything Alyx & Elliot so happy to have both of you in our Alex & Marian Tschirhart Familywe are so so blessed.

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