2019 Resolutions: Yea or Nay?

2019 Resolutions

Twenty-nineteen is here, ready or not! Never have I been one to set intense resolutions for myself, at least on paper. I guess this is in part because of a fear of disappointing myself. On the other hand, I’ve never needed a specific calendar date to want to make changes.

However, this time of year does make my mind spin around the various things I’d like to focus on, improve, stop doing, and so on.
Do you make it a point to make New Year’s Resolutions?

After much deliberation, I came up with a loose list of what could be considered my resolutions. First and foremost, I expect this list to be ever-changing throughout the next twelve months. I’m sure within two weeks, I will realize I left something off. While at the same time, one of these items will be escalated to the very tip top. But like they always say, “you’ve got to start somewhere.”

So here is my starting somewhere.

My 2019 Resolutions

Delete negativity, when possible.

This is what I want to focus on the most. The other week, when I was mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, there were things that made me literally laugh out loud, and then there were others that had a negative effect on me. Then I thought, “Why don’t I unfollow anyone or anything that takes away from the good in my life?” If someone is constantly spreading negativity, unfollowed. If a news outlet is continuously posting stories without outlandishly negative headlines just to get clicks, unfollowed. If an account spreads hate instead of love, unfollowed.

I don’t need anyone or anything to remind me of our world’s shortcomings. I need accounts that verify that there is still more good than bad, more love than evil, more care than neglect.

Now I don’t want to stick my head in the sand. But, if I want to read the news, I can grab a newspaper or look it up myself. I don’t need social media to get the news.

Highlight of my day.

On December 31st, I took a small lined notebook paper and wrote 1-31 down the side of it, giving each day a line. Then over the last eight days, I have filled in the “highlight of my day”. My goal is to have twelve pieces of paper by the end of the year with each day filled in.

As simple as this is, I envision it being a great resource to look back on when days get tough. Some of my highlights thus far, “felt accomplished when I left work,” “sweet text from mother-in-law,” and “car ride with Elliott to check on a job.”

Nothing ground-breaking, but all just reminders of how simple happiness can be.

Use my words, correctly.

Oh boy, a journalism major reminding herself of this. Palm directly to face. I am embarrassed of how many times I use the word literally incorrectly. Although, I did use it correctly above. Immediately after saying it in a story, I feel the need to edit and exclaim FIGURATIVELY to the hills.

But beyond the trivial, literally versus figuratively, obsessed, who vs. whom, and so on; the most important words I want to use correctly are love and hate.

Yes, I hate littering. I think it’s awful and can’t imagine why anyone would do it. However, do I hate the person that littered? No. Do I strongly dislike litterers? Mostly, yes. But hate is too strong of a word to associate with something like this. Maybe their toddler did it because they didn’t know better. Perhaps, it flew out when they were opening their window to get air after a long day of work. The reasons, although some highly unlikely, go on and on.

Either way, I don’t want to invite the feeling of hate into my heart if I can avoid it.

Declutter, both physically and mentally.

If you know me a little, you know Elliott and I live in a very small, very old house. Our six hundred-some odd square foot house is far from efficient, but it is great all the same. With that being said, I could definitely use a cutthroat declutter.

From my closet to our housewares we can replace with wedding gifts, it has to be done. Thankfully, there is a donation bin for the local women’s shelter up the road for me. Since most of our stuff hasn’t been used too hard, I’m glad it won’t just go to waste.

On top of that, I think the decluttering of my social media follows will be a good effort as well. Do I really need to follow brands of clothing, cosmetics, dog food, subscription boxes, and so on? HECK NO.

And something really tough to think about: Amazon. Should I delete my Prime account? Would I shop less on Amazon, if I didn’t have the convenience of Prime? Have any of y’all taken this step?

Improve my skills.

The dear Lord blessed me with a handful of skills, and others I have picked up over the years. It’s about time, I quit trying to learn new skills and focus on developing the passions I already have. Stay tuned.

Brainstorm ways to strengthen my faith.

Beyond reading more books, listening to podcasts, following different religious accounts, what can I do? I don’t know the answer to this, hence the word, brainstorm. :)

Read 47 books.

I completed my goal of 45 books in 2018. It was tough. I was finishing up my last book on NYE, but I do enjoy the feeling of a challenge. In 2015, I set my first reading challenge of 30 books. That was hard. But once I completed it, I decided 35 for the following year. Then for 2017, I set it at 40, and last year 45. Each year has been hard and a push to get them all in. However, I know I still have more to give. Rather than continue to go up by increments of five every year, I want to randomize it to a certain extent. Therefore, this year, my Goodreads Reading Challenge is 47. I have already finished one book, so take that procrastination!!

Be more active.

That is beyond running around with the cows. It’s time for me to take my fitness and overall health seriously. I have been blessed with good health and a fairly decent metabolism, but my thirties, and forties, and fifties, and so on are fast approaching…


Print pictures.

Last year, my baby sister graduated high school, my niece was born, I got married and my other younger sister got engaged, and our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.

Our First Christmas

Do I have printed pictures of any of that? Well I did print pictures from my wedding already and a photo album, but zero otherwise. There are so many good things about being able to take pictures with our phones an digital cameras, but this is the most glaring downside. But here’s to printing pictures in 2019!

Whew, ok so what are you working on? Is it necessarily a resolution you set on January 1st, or rather like me, something that has always been nagging your brain?

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As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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