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Spring Sunsets

Sharing photos of my experience in agriculture is one of my most favorite things to do. That is, of course, besides the activities in ag that give me the experience. If you follow me on Instagram, usually on Saturdays, I’ll have quite the lengthy story sharing various videos, photos and commentary throughout my day working (and playing) with cows.

But I realize that not everyone has Instagram, so I thought it would be worth sharing here on the blog as well. These are all pictures from 2018. I’ll gather together some from 2019 in a couple of weeks, but there were too many last year that were just too good to share.
Do you want to see more cow pictures? Comment below!

Also, can we please discuss where February disappeared to?

My Cowgram

Kymberlyn's Commercial Heifer Project
New Hereford Additions
650 - Heifer that Likes Tail Scratches
My girl 650. She finds me when I walk in her pasture, because she knows I’ll give her a good tail scratch, or I’m carrying her favorite comb.
Tagging and Castrating
We usually tag calves the day they’re born. On their ear tags, we include their identification number (the biggest number) and their dam’s. Dam is word used to describe a calf’s mother.
Vaccinations, New Tags and Keeping Records
Calves get vaccinations twice before weaning. First one as a priming dose and the second as a booster. These vaccines are to prevent cloistral and respiratory diseases.
They are vaccinated at two months of age and then a couple of weeks before being weaned.
These Hereford additions made me so incredibly happy in 2018.
Fixing Water Gaps
2018 blessed us with an abundance of rain. We are slow to ever complain about rain. Even if that means we were fixing water gaps on more Saturday mornings than we had previously planned.
Few views make me happier.

I could go on and on with these pictures. After all, this is what keeps me going during the weeks and looking forward to the weekends.

I know it’s been a month, but did you catch my last post, 2019 RESOLUTIONS: YEA OR NAY?
As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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