Forever home.

Home and the Painted Sky
Home and the Painted Sky
The house I grew up in will always be home. Nothing prettier than looking up at it from the bottom of the hill with the sky painted up as the sun begins to rise.



  1. 1.the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”I was nineteen when I left home and went to college”
  2. an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.”an old people’s home”

These definitions don’t quite do it for me. Google’s dictionary misses the mark. But Merriam-Webster gets closer with their third listing under the word:

a familiar or usual setting congenial environment
alsothe focus of one’s domestic attention home is where the heart is

The photo above will always be home. It doesn’t matter that my husband and I are working on plans for our land and future home. That roof, chimney, and even the hill leading up to the house will always give me that warm and fuzzy feeling that I sometimes so desperately need.

For the last five weeks, Elliott and I have taken to spending the night with Grandpa and Grandma on Friday nights. Right now we live in town, a whole 10 minutes away… So staying at the old folks house is two-fold:

(1) Since we both spend our Saturdays working out at the ranch and our place anyways, it makes waking up and getting started that much easier.

(2) Grandpa and Grandma are entertaining. I know they feel the same way about us two.

It is because of this that I was able to snap the first picture I shared in this post. Every morning I want to wake up in time to catch the sunrise. You never know what it will look like. You can’t even guess.

  • 02_Sunrise01262015
  • 03_Sunrise01262015
  • 05_Sunrise01262015
  • 06_Sunrise01262015
  • 01_Sunrise01262015
  • South Texas Sunrise
  • South Texas Sunrise
  • South Texas Sunrise
  • South Texas Sunrise
  • April 2016 Sunrise
  • January 2016 Sunrise
  • December 2103 Sunrise
  • January 2017 Sunrise

Last Saturday, I got up and was feeding the dogs when I realized just how pretty the sunrise was going to be. It was still mostly dark, but you can tell even that early. So I grabbed my camera, jumped on the mule and headed out to catch it just how I wanted.

I started snapping away, adjusting the camera settings, driving forward then backward then forward again. Words really couldn’t describe just how special it was. And then, I finally took a breath and noticed a blinking light on my camera. Oh my word. Whispered, explicit words.

My darn camera was void of any memory cards. Tears, dreadfully held back tears. By the time I made it back to my car to retrieve a card, just minutes later, light had filled the sky and that special moment was lost. But after setting aside my disappointment, I did relish that I got to appreciate it.

Determined to capture this beauty, Sunday morning came and I found myself back at it. Went outside at the same time as the morning before, but it was not the same. I found myself loitering around the yard, talking to Ryder and George (the dogs), and wishing I could go back in time.

I kicked at the gravel and decided I’d go try and get pictures anyways. And to my fortune, at the moment I neared the bottom of the hill leading up to my parents, the sky opened up, and I got what I came for.

Not all mornings gift you with this, but that’s what makes them so special when they are there. As much as I loathe the winter time because I can’t stand sub 70 degree weather, winters give us the most breathtaking sunrises. But I’ll cherish this mid-July sunrise like no other, because it has it all. Home, and God’s painted sky.

Here are some of my other favorite sunrises that I have captured:

I’ll never hesitate to take another picture of a sunrise, or a sunset for that matter. And I’d encourage you to have the same outlook.

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