One Book Lover to Another

Do you realize that today is National Book Lover’s Day?

Oh how lovely a day this is to be. In honor of this occasion, I have put together a smorgasbord to create a book lover’s paradise.

National Book Lover Day

How do you go about celebrating this holiday for you and your fellow book lovers? Well I have put together a few ideas along with some of my favorites and inspiration.

Visit your local library or independent bookstore.

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Go out of your way to support one of the above (or both!), especially on this day! Invite your friends and family to come with you. I would venture to say the number of books available nears infinity. And I am comfortable with saying there is a book out there to turn everyone into a book lover.

Reorganize your bookshelf(s) and post a picture to social media.

Take this as an opportunity to share not only your love for books, but your actual books with those in your life! Few things will tell more about a person than what is collected on their shelves. Plus, your shelves need a good dusting anyway.

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Donate and/or gift someone or an organization with books.

Whether they are books from your very own library, or ones you purchase with the intent of giving away, sharing books with others is a gift that keeps on giving.

I have few books I want to part with at this point in my life, but there are my favorites that I always buy duplicates of so I can share them with others. So that along with various books I score at church festivals along with other places will be making there way to the local women’s shelter.

Throw a book lover’s party.

I’m not sure Elliott would be up for this, but I think it is a grand idea! Maybe I can convince him if others bring educational books about engineering, farming or hunting.

Can you imagine all of the theme options you would be able to choose from??

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Drop literary references all-day-long.

Even if people don’t notice, I will be quoting as many books as possible and telling at least one book-related joke per hour. But also, making literary references happens without you thinking of them too.

Honestly, I kind of wish my birthday fell on this date.

Last year, Elliott was such a peach and went to Barnes and Noble to buy me books for my birthday. I was pretty impressed by the books he chose. When I asked him how he picked, he said he went to the book shelf, wrote down a couple of the authors that I had multiple books from, and then asked someone at Barnes and Noble to help him. I’d say that is a pretty fool-proof strategy.

Whether it is National Book Lovers Day, or you’re looking for ideas of what to get a book lover, I have you covered:

Apparel That Screams Book Lover

Between shirts professing my passion for cattle and my love of books, I have a full closet.

[Support Your Local Library] [Having Fun Isn’t Hard]
[Vintage Library Card Stamp T-Shirt] [Team Oxford Comma]

Book Lover Ephemera

[My Weekend is All Booked Sticker] [Bookworm Planner Stickers]
[Book Washi Tape]

Book-loving etc.

[Book-Themed Tote] [Book Lovers Mug]
[Breakfast Teas with Literary Quotes] [Always Fully Booked Tote] [Bookstore-scented Candle]


Can you go wrong with giving a book lover more books? No.

Also, don’t forget you could always gift them a membership to Kindle Unlimited or my favorite, Audible.

Image by Marisa Sias from Pixabay

Play Along:

Sharing some fun things to share on social media to get everyone talking about Book Lover’s Day!

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Book Lover's Bingo by @alyxsheerheart
Book Lover's This or That by @alyxsheerheart
Book Lover's Day by @alyxsheerheart

As always looking forward to hearing  from y’all!
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