Top 5 Friday: Marty Robbins

Top 5 Friday: Marty Robbins curated by

Marty Robbins. What a singer, comedian, and performer. Like I have said countless times before, I am a lover of old country music. Growing up Marty Robbins was constantly on, and lately that has only increased. He has one of my most favorite albums, Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs. Top to bottom, his music is entertaining, comforting and a joy to listen to. Oddly enough, I don’t find myself dancing to too many of his songs. They are more the type to sit around a fire and listen to together, if you know what I mean.

Anyhow, if you have never heard of him, I strongly encourage you to take a listen. He won’t be like anything you hear on the radio. Quite frankly, he wasn’t like all to many during his time either. Listen to the words too. More than others, I find the lyrics to be deliberate and not just used to finish a rhyme.

Here are my favorites of Marty Robbins, what are yours?

Top 5: Marty Robbins

Devil Woman

Maybe not the song everyone would choose as their favorite Marty Robbins song, but this one has always topped my list.

Mr. Shorty

Big Iron

The Cowboy in a Continental Suit

El Paso

El Paso has to be one of the most well-known Marty Robbins song. And I do love it, but it doesn’t quite top my list. This is the song I had stuck in my head after my Out in West Texas post.

Honorable Mentions

Just as I expected, this post was harder than it should have been to put together. But I love so many of his songs it was near impossible to narrow down. Looking forward to that next evening around the fire pit singing these ballads right next to Dad and Grandpa!

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Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Top 5 Friday: Marty Robbins curated by

Top 5 Friday: Max Stalling

Top 5 Friday: Max Stalling -

Max Stalling. Oh Max. I’m not sure how many years it has been since my ears first heard his music, but they’ve been better off ever since. Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to see him live several times. He truly is one of the best when it comes to putting on a show. You’re not going to see fireworks blowing off the stage or him swinging on a wrecking ball. But what you will experience is good music, entertaining stories and spectacular musical talents. His music makes you smile and want to dance. From his smooth voice to catchy, but not mainstream, lyrics, Max Stalling is exactly what I think Texas Country is all about.

And did I mention, he is an Aggie?!? Even better.

Actually two of my favorite memories involves Max Stalling. First, I had plans to go to his concert on Memorial Day weekend back in 2015. Sure it looked like it was going to be a stormy night, but a little rain wouldn’t hurt. Well, all of a sudden, as we went to park under the overpass and run into Sam’s Burger Joint, tornado sirens begin blaring downtown and we realized the area of town we were in was in a tornado warning! Yikes. But it made for a spectacular night and concert, one I’ll never forget.

Secondly, last summer I had friend’s wedding in Magnolia, Texas. So my plans were to drive up Saturday. But for some reason, I happened to look at Max Stalling’s tour dates the Thursday before and realized he was playing in downtown Bryan at The Grand Stafford Theater Friday night! Slight change of plans, I packed my things Friday morning (procrastination, of course), and was College Station bound after work. Not only did I get to see Max play, but I got to hang out with one of my best friends the entire night on top of it all!

With that being said, ever since I shared my Top 5 Friday post regarding Guy Clark, I have wanted to do the same for Max. However, I love his music so much, it has taken me a while to narrow down the list! I’m quite certain many of you would have to do the same if you are familiar with his music. In fact, how about you comment below with your Max Stalling favorites!

Be sure to check his site frequently to see if he has a show near you coming up. You won’t regret it.

Max Stalling

Goodnight Never Meant Goodbye

You have no idea how many times I’ve written “Goodbye Never Meant Goodnight” or “Goodbye Never Meant Goodbye”. Nonetheless, this has been my number one favorite of Stalling’s ever since I heard it. Oddly enough, for the longest time I thought this was going to be the first song I danced to at my wedding one of these days. I guarantee, if you love dancing, you won’t be able to listen to this song without your body wanting to dance across your kitchen floor.

Long Way to Get

This song actually was first written and performed by Bob Schneider, but Stalling does it brilliantly. I don’t as much want to dance to this song as I want to sit with Dad in some patio chairs and listen to it.

Running Buddy

This was the first Max Stalling song I ever heard on the radio. I remember driving and having to ask myself, “Did I hear Hondo in this song?” I was sure my ears had played me until I listened closer.

From Dancing to a Waltz

This is where these lists get tricky. But this song has me counting down the hours until I’m on the dance floor at Quihi tomorrow night. Good thing I’ve got myself a heck of a dance partner. I wish I could have found another video of this being sung live. I love sharing videos of songs being performed live, because you can tell how truly talented Texas Country singers are. But this still is worth at least ten listens before the day is through.

Topaz City

Again, to my surprise I wasn’t able to find a video of Max Stalling performing Topaz City live. But there is something about this song that I can’t explain that causes me to almost get chills every time this song begins to play.

Honorable Mentions:

It’s not a Top 5 Friday post without a few Honorable Mentions. I’ll list them with links to the songs. I also have a playlist of some of my favorite Max Stalling videos I found on YouTube.

Be sure to check out Max Stalling’s website at
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As always, hope y’all have a wonderful day! Catch y’all next week.

Top 5 Friday: Western Novels

Top 5 Friday: Western Novels -

Getting closer to home with this week’s Top 5 Friday post. We’re going to chat a little about my favorite western novels. It’s not secret, western is most likely my favorite genre. Take a look at any of my reading posts, and my point will quickly be validated.

Where It Began

My love for tales of the wild west, began when I was just short of a teenager. I believed Grandpa hung the moon, still do. In their den/office they have two huge book cases full of books. I remember skimming through the titles and coming across a number by Louis L’Amour. Naturally, I was drawn to their covers’ illustrations. However, it wasn’t until the 7th grade that I actually read one. From my school’s library, I checked out Hondo. Why that one? There had to be 50 different L’Amour books on the shelves, but there was a collie/heeler looking dog on the cover of Hondo.

From that book on, my appreciation for these westerns has failed to cease. So with some thought, I have curated my Top 5 Western Novels, as of May 19, 2017. As we know, things could all change as I continue to frequent the western section of my local Half Priced Books!

Lonesome Gods by Louis LAmour courtesy of GoodreadsLonesome Gods by Louis L’Amour

I love Lonesome Gods so much, I have read it three times. And it is no short story either. Latest paperback version stands at 576 pages long. But the story is not only rich in plot, but the characters are so magnificently wonderful, you are torn apart when reading. You want to get to the end of the book, but at the same time you don’t want it to be over! This was actually the first book I downloaded with Audible. I found that I was wanting to be stuck in traffic so I could listen to more.  Now that just doesn’t make sense. As I have said a thousand times already, I love L’Amour books; however, few get close to being as great as .

Click here for link to book on Amazon.

Dead Man's Walk by Larry McMurtry courtesy of AmazonDead Man’s Walk by Larry McMurtry

Don’t be fooled by Amazon trying to say this is the 3rd book in the Lonesome Dove saga. It may have been written 3rd, but this is the first book. Read this before the rest. I actually read Lonesome Dove before Dead Man’s Walk, but that was because I was ignorant that there were three other books in the series. And while I loved Lonesome Dove, I believe Dead Man’s Walk was even more memorable. After appreciating Lonesome Dove so much, I decided I ought to listen to the rest of the saga. Dead Man’s Walk is by far the most reasonable in length, far less than half of Lonesome Dove’s length, without sacrificing any in terms of depth of story. This would be at the top of my list of recommendations if you are going on a long road trip and need to download an audio book.

Click here for link to book on Amazon.

Hard Country by Michael McGarrity courtesy of AmazonHard Country by Michael McGarrity

I can’t believe I’d consider this one of my favorites. This book lives up to its title. Although I was hooked after reading only a few chapters, there were times when I wanted to stop reading, because it gets downright sad. Once I had read all four of the Lonesome Dove books, my reading list lacked another western that could fill the need I had for a long western full of story. To my amazement, Hard Country was able to do just that. Spanning three generations, you’ll be brought along on a ride that has its ups and more than its share of downs. More realistic than my L’Amour westerns, perhaps. If you’re looking for a fairy tale, stay far away from this one. But if you want to test the waters on something a bit harder, pick up a copy of Hard Country.

Click here for link to book on Amazon.

Cloudy in the West by Elmer Kelton courtesy of GoodreadsCloudy in the West by Elmer Kelton

Unique from the a-typical western, I have found Elmer Kelton’s books to be. Sure there are cowboys, horses, guns, dust, cattle and a slight romantic nod, but how he combines these pieces and sets a plot is what makes them unique. Over the last two years I have read six of Kelton’s: The Pumpkin Rollers, The Time It Never Rained, The Day the Cowboys Quit, Cloudy in the West, The Good Old Boys, and Six Bits a Day. All have been 4-5 stars in my book. Actually, I had quite a time choosing which to feature on this list. Nonetheless, the characters and challenges overcame were far to appealing not to pick Cloudy in the West. I’m eager to read more Kelton books. Comment below if you have any recommendations!

Click here for link to book on Amazon.

Sackett's Land by Louis L'Amour courtesy of AmazonThe Sackett Series by Louis L’Amour

I’m beginning and ending this list (well kind of) with Louis L’Amour books. Not surprising, but I tried to talk myself out of it for the sake of diversity and fairness. But I cannot ignore how legendary the Sackett series is. Rich in tradition, strong characters, history and plot. These books are a contradiction in comparison with many other titles from him. But it’s that contradiction that makes them as intriguing. It’d be impossible to pick only one out of the lineup since they continue to build off of each other. I’m not even close to being halfway through the collection, but after loving three of the first four as much as I have, I’m determined to read the series in its entirety.

Click here for link to book on Amazon.

Honorable Mentions

Of course with a list like these, there had to be a list of honorable mentions.

As always, I appreciate any reading suggestions you leave in the comment section. I have been pleasantly surprised at how great many of them are! Looking forward to posting in a month or so another Hot Reads update!

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The picture in the feature image is one I took on a trip I made out to West Texas. It has been quite some time since I looked thru those pictures. Maybe it would be a good idea to share some of them with you in a Top 5 Friday post. What do you think??

Top 5 Friday: Western Novels -

Top 5 Friday: Gifts for Mom

Top 5 Friday: Gifts for Mom

FYI Mother’s Day is 7 days away. (I know it’s not Friday when I am posting this!) But I’m sure you have already purchased your mom, mother-in-law, and the mother of your children a gift, right? Well if you haven’t yet, I have a few ideas for you in my Top 5 this week, Gifts for Mom! And a broad spectrum of ideas at that: DIY to Etsy to your local grocery store to specialty stores. It’s not to late to hit up Amazon yet if you are Prime, or even other retailers online; however, you better get on it quick.

Deluxe Perfume Sampler at Sephora - Gifts for Mom sheerheart.orgDeluxe Perfume Sampler

I’ve actually purchased this type of sampler from Sephora before for my sister at Christmas, and it was really cool! For one, I barely can decide on a perfume for myself let alone for someone else. These samplers take that uncertainty away. Included in these sampler boxes, is a coupon to redeem at a Sephora for a full-size version of their favorite sample from the box.

(click here for link)

Kindle paperwhite - Gifts for Mom sheerheart.orgKindle paperwhite

As I mentioned in my April Favorites post, I love-love-love my Kindle. I can take it anywhere with me, it’s light, relatively easy to use, and the endless options of books to read make me so excited. That being said, I’m not a mother, but my mom does love using her Kindle, so the suggestion still stands.

They recently released a white version, so you have to choose from black or white. You have choices, but not too many. Just the way I like it!

(click here for link)

Custom Recipe Box

Custom Recipe Box - Gifts for MomMonths back, I was looking for unique gifts to give some of our friends that were getting married. Naturally, I was on Etsy. After reading through many, many reviews and finally deciding on one thing, I ordered a recipe box. The box was mostly customizable. Not knowing what to expect, I awaited their arrival in the mail. And to my great relief, I loved how they turned out. Since then, I have continued to buy these, 3 more to be exact.

What I love about these boxes is that they are creative and thoughtful without requiring an arm and a leg. Also to add to the thoughtfulness, I’d recommend buying a handful of recipe cards and adding some of your own favorites to start their box off.

(click here for link)

Bath & Body Works Gifts for Mom - sheerheart.orgDIY Basket

How about combining all of her little favorites into one basket? Her fave candle scent. Fave perfume in a roller ball. Fave flowers. Fave bottle of wine, and so on. Give yourself 30 minutes and jot down a list of favorites you know of. Then when you are out getting groceries or driving thru town, check them off one-by-one.

Baked Goods

Sometimes the simplest things, go the longest way. Nothing makes me happier than seeing some of my brownies, cake, cookies, ice cream, or muffins be enjoyed by others. Come to think of it, most of the time, I don’t get but a bite of the goodies, before I send them off. That’s probably best for my health though!

If you don’t know what to bake, I’d highly recommend this brownie recipe, click here. It has been my favorite ever since my Top 5 Friday: Brownie Recipe post. I double the recipe and put in a 8×12″ pan, also substituting half of the flour with whole wheat flour, and of course topping with a handful of chopped pecans.

Don’t forget a card!

Whatever you do, don’t skip the card. Whether you pick up a Hallmark card that says it all, or a 2/$1 one from the Dollar General, or simply write on the back of a note card “I Love You”, your handwriting will go a long way.

Well I think that’s enough of my rambling. Be sure to share below your ideas! And Mom, don’t read into this post too much, we’ve got something worked out for you :)

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Top 5 Friday: Gifts for Mom

Top 5 Friday: Downtown SA Eats

Top 5 Friday: Downtown San Antonio Eats

Late January, I jumped at an opportunity. February 1st, I changed jobs. Went from working in the rather-happening downtown San Antonio area to taking the back roads to my new job out in Helotes. Quite a bit of a change; traded in my slacks and heels for boots and jeans. As it turns out, I also had to say goodbye to all of my favorite downtown eateries. Over three years of being spoiled by great restaurants (most within walking distance) filled with variety, culture, flavor and scene. I knew I would miss them, and I sure do. However, I probably have saved more money and calories by not having them so close by!

Although, Helotes isn’t lacking on their restaurant spots either. Other than El Chapparal, nothing really stands out on my trusty Yelp. But I’m sure there will be a Top 5 post in the future regarding this area!

In the few months I have been away from my old office, downtown, I have come to crave a few spots. So much so that I decided this post must happen.

Healthy Me – 209 E Travis St

Healthy Me courtesy of Danny C. San Antonio restaurantsYeah a simple little sandwich shop tops this list. You’ll probably spend around $8 for a sandwich combo, but they make it worth it. They have countless options, healthy and the less healthy for your  choosing. My favorite: the chicken salad sandwich on wheat chibatta topped with black beans, corn, pico and chipotle mayo. And then to make it a combo instead of a side and chips, I did make it a double-side-salad with avocado, black beans, corn, pico, sometimes a hard-boiled egg, and topped with jalapeno ranch dressing. *Served with lemonade of course. Seriously so much love for this lunch combo. And they have big salads and wraps too. To top it all off, I’d get it to go and meet up with my best friend, Lana, at the tables outside of the Vision Works building to enjoy the fresh air while we ate.

Stella Public House – 1414 S Alamo St

Well another spot Lana and I frequented. Stella has been a fave of mine since they opened. Located in the Blue Star Brewery area of Southtown, this place is beyond cool. I would love to sit in there for a couple hours with my laptop just to enjoy their vibe.

They have a lunch special that includes a pizza and salad for $10. First off, I don’t say this often, but their salad is bomb. Perhaps my favorite salad ever. Kalamata olives, shredded carrots, sliced red onion and a maple balsamic dressing served over a bed of spinach. Mmmm so hungry for that right now. And then this paired with a pizza. Their pizza selection is terrific. You can stay in your comfort zone or venture out. The Wild Mushroom is a favorite and when I’m feeling crazy, I go for the Bee Sting with serrano peppers and drizzled with honey. Weird but yummy. Outside of work hours, I have enjoyed their beer and wine selection. They are constantly switching things out and did I mention they try to be as local as possible. Bonus!

Acenar – 146 E Houston St

On beautiful days, I loved to take my book, get a table on the patio, order up the mole enchiladas, chalupas compuestas or the citrus salad and munch on chips and roasted salsa as I paged through my book. Rosario’s off of St. Mary’s is fabulous, but Acenar owned by the same people (last I knew) is practically identical, just within walking distance from my old building. Acenar is on the river walk but can also be accessed off of Houston street by the Valencia hotel. My only complaint about Acenar is the dang birds. If they see you on the patio, they are likely to come and harass you for your chip crumbs. Freaks me out, but I love the atmosphere so much I continued to go back anyway.

The Clean Plate – 1022 N Main Ave

Confession: I have only been to The Clean Plate twice. But I was so impressed by it, that it made the list. Simple and unassuming looking from both outside and in, I was blown away by the flavor. The Clean Plate will run  you a couple more bucks than the others on this list, but they pride themselves in using fresh ingredients sourced locally. From what I remember, their menu changes seasonally.

The burger I had was tremendous. Flavor beef from 44 Farms. Funny thing is I have been to a bull sale at 44 Farms. I have always loved that place going back to my days working with the Beef Cattle Short Course. Anyhow, super burger. The fish tacos were fresh and memorable, which isn’t common with fish tacos. Normally you get a couple chunks of fish that is totally void of flavor and furthermore covered up by a seasoned mayo that is meh. But not with these bad boys. And surprisingly, their chips and salsa are extremely satisfying.

Zinc Bistro & Wine Bar – 207 N Presa St

Picking #5 for me was a hard one. So many good choices. But I went with what I visited most frequently out of the remaining 3 places on my list. Zinc was another good place to visit when the weather was lovely out. They have the cutest patio and if you don’t mind a little sun, it is perfect. They have super pizzas and burgers too. And three words: sweet potato fries. Also for those of you fellow Catholics, they have a Portabello Patty Melt that is superb. All-in-all, this is a little fancier, a little more on the white tablecloth dining level, but they have a great lunch menu that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Honorable Mentions:

Sooner rather than later, I’ll have to find myself downtown again to visit these favorites. Lunches at these restaurants, my trips over to St. Mary’s for noon mass, my runs on the river walk and being able to go on walks with friends have me missing my 45 hours/week downtown. But then I drive to work and hit zero traffic and the feeling dissipates. Looking forward to finding Helotes favorites!

San Antonio restaurants

Top 5 Friday: Brownie Recipes

Top 5 Friday: Brownie Recipes

Other than ice cream, brownies have to be my next favorite thing to make. And making them at the same time, is usually the best idea ever. But really, is there anything better than a warm brownie with a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream right on top?

Anyhow, I have been paging through recipes trying to decide what I am going to make for our Rihn family Easter celebration this weekend. It’s been very tempting to rush out to HEB and get three baskets full of ingredients to make them all. However, I narrowed my Easter makings down to a Deep Dish Chocolate Cream Pie and homemade hummus. We shall see how the pie goes. I’m not usually a pie-maker; however, this one looks far too delicious to pass up the opportunity.

But in all of this research, I came across a ton of brownie recipes that have made their way into my recipe book to try. Therefore, I figured I would share with you my top 5, and over the next couple of months, I’ll share with you how they go!

Butter Pecan Frosted Fudge Brownies

Butter Pecan Frosted Fudge Brownies courtesy of Half Baked Harvest (brownie recipes)

Cocoa Brownies 2.0

Cocoa Brownies 2.0 courtesy of Alton Brown (brownie recipes)

Best Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

Fudgy Cocoa Brownies courtesy of Cafe Delites (brownie recipes)

Bakery-Style Brownies

Bakery-Style Brownies brownie recipes

Pecan Pie Brownies

Pecan Pie Brownies courtesy of Just a Taste brownie recipes

Ok this one, I have made! It was delicious.  A little tedious to put together, but well worth it. Combines the best of both worlds!

Alrighty, now that we are all good and hungry for brownies, I better get in the kitchen and start baking. Looking forward to the wonderful weekend ahead of us all! Happy baking :) oh and Happy Easter!!!!

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Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

Almost a year ago, Guy Clark passed away. Unfortunately, it took him dying, for me to ever look his music up. Truly, I didn’t know who he was before then. But thankfully, after his passing I stumbled onto an online post sharing some of his music. And then for several months straight, I listened to nothing else. Nothing.

About that time, I found myself at a crossroad of sorts. Not happy with work, not thrilled with how certain things had worked out personally and really just contemplating how life was supposed to work. Also around this time, there was a field full of small mesquites Grandpa and Uncle Anthony had sprayed the summer before. For some reason, I decided to dedicate myself to knocking those suckers down. And so the adventure began.

burning brush at sunset

Three or four days a week, after I’d get home from work, I found myself in a routine. Changing into jeans and a work shirt, lacing up my old Ariat boots, grabbing my yellow work gloves, filling up my water jug, hopping on the mule and driving out to the field to get started. By myself, I’d turn my iPhone’s volume all the way up and put on my recently-purchased The Essentials of Guy Clark cd. Never using my earbuds though, didn’t want the music to be too loud and not hear a friendly warning from a rattler! But working for a couple hours, getting my FitBit close to 20,000 steps, I’d stomp down these little pain in the butt, wannabe trees at their base, and drag them over to the nearest pile. I quickly learned that piling brush is an art form. Also learned to keep pliers handy for the inevitable removal of mesquite thorns from the bottom of my boots. RIP my old Ariats.

I found myself a little haven. Looking around and admiring all that I had and listening to the Clark tracks on repeat, my heart felt full. Just what I needed, I do believe. Plus, although progress was slow, much slower than if more advanced methods had been applied, I enjoyed the past time. Good old sweat, and a little blood at times due to the thorns. But golly, I’d do it again!

On a brief side note, in search of good lace up work boot options for women. Have not found a replacement pair worthy. Tried replacing the sole, but unfortunately did not work as well as planned. I don’t think the boot repair shop understood what I was putting these through. So recommendations, would be highly appreciated :)

And then perhaps even better than my brush-busting experience, I shared the CD with my dad. Dad and I agree on music about 99% of the time. I love getting morning texts saying how it is going to be a great day because Long Black Veil by Lefty Frizzell or Marty Robbins’s Mr. Shorty came on the radio. Anyhow, I suggested he listen to this cd by Guy Clark. And you know what, he loved it too. Now when we are at the house together or in charge of the music at any party really, we love to sit around and discuss our favorites. Ha now that I think of it, I guess our discussions are kind of like brainstorming for this blog! Dad feel free to share your favorites if they differ from my list!

Ok finally to the list:

That Old Time Feeling

My Favorite Picture of You

The Last Gunfighter Ballad

Let Him Roll

Instant Coffee Blues

Honorable Mention:

Stuff That Works

Honestly, I could have added the whole track list from The Essentials of Guy Clark to this. Of course that is what I love about greatest hits cds! And this one is only $5 on Amazon!

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Top 5 Friday: Guy Clark

Top 5 Friday: Audrey Hepburn

Top 5 Friday: Audrey Hepburn Sharing with y'all my favorite Audrey Hepburn films.

Sabrina (1954)

Years and years ago, shoot getting close to at least 15 years, Sydney and I made the trip down to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to spend the night. A quarter-mile trip may not seem far, but I’m sure it felt far enough for my parents to get us kids out of the house for the night or if they were lucky, the weekend!

Anyhow, we took our toothbrushes and a change of clothes and headed out. Once at their house, we put our things away in one of the bedrooms and headed back to the kitchen and living room for snacks, maybe even a milk shake. It was going to be a movie night. With the lights turned down and the movie started, we soon realized we were going to be watching a black and white film.

Sabrina (1954)I’m sure this wasn’t the first time I had watched something in black and white, but I was a bit surprised nonetheless. Soon “Sabrina” was scrawled across the screen and Audrey Hepburn was narrating the intro with her airy, whimsical delivery and instantly our attention was captured for the next 112 minutes. The fashion alone made Sabrina worth watching. But besides that, the story and characters were simply enchanting. A typical story you’ve seen done many times, but made different because of Audrey Hepburn. For these reasons and more, Sabrina will always be my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie.

But because of Netflix and Amazon Prime, I have watched as many Hepburn movies as I could find. Most are superb. Therefore, when I thought of the Top 5 Friday series, I knew I had to add this to the list. Below I have ranked my most favorite Hepburn films:

(1)  Sabrina (1954)
(2)  How to Steal a Million (1966)
(3)  Paris When it Sizzles (1964)
(4)  Charade (1963)
(5)  Two for the Road (1967)

How to Steal a Million (1966)

Honorable Mentions: Funny Face (1957), Roman Holiday (1953), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

For fun, I tracked down the trailers for each of these movies. Laughed as I watched these clips. Warning though, watching these may give you a strong urge to plan a Hepburn movie marathon (or old movies in general)! Links to the trailers of my honorable mentions are above, just click on their titles.

Well this has been a fun post to put together! I actually have been working on this for a couple of weeks now. Just too much thought going into such a simple post, but only the best for y’all :)

What are your Hepburn favorites? Or just good movie recommendations in general, this rainy weather lately has me in a book-reading/movie-watching mood!


Top 5 Friday: Sunrises

Top 5 Friday: Sunrises Sharing with y'all my most favorite sunrise pictures I have taken.

Sunrises are one of God’s greatest gifts. As I get ready in the morning, my mind is moving even slower than my body. But boy my brain sure does turn on quick when I look outside and see the start of a beautiful sunrise. You can just tell when it is going to be good.

All of a sudden, my brain is running.
Where is my camera? In my closet? In my car?
Where are my keys?
How much time do I have? How long can I possibly wait before I have to leave?
Is it cold outside? Where are my shoes? Is the grass wet?
Dangit, where are my rubber boots?
I need to drive down the road for the perfect picture, where are my freaking keys?!?!

Why is it that the most beautiful sunrises are in the winter? Maybe that’s not a thing, but in my collection all but a few have been taken during this season. I’m sure there is a scientific reason. If you know, comment below!

Until then, I’ll share the top 5 sunrise pictures I have ever taken. Let me know which is your favorite!

January 2016 Sunrise

January 2016 Sunrise

April 2016 Sunrise

April 2016 Sunrise

July 2015 Sunrise

July 2015 Sunrise

December 2103 Sunrise

December 2103 Sunrise

Honorable Mention: Just had to include. Snapped this with my iPhone the other morning before Stockshow! This was taken a little after 7 am as we were loading up the gear to go feed the commercial heifers and clean out their stalls. It was a BLISTERING 31 degrees Fahrenheit. I am not made for that kind of weather. But I will withstand it, occasionally, if it comes with sunrises as beautiful as this.

January 2017 Sunrise

January 2017 Sunrise

Things Tuesday: 09/01/2015

Things Tuesday

Tuesday, Wednesday, August, 2015, where have you gone? With so much going on, Things Tuesday will have to be two whole days late. But that’s okay because I have brought you a pretty darn good list. So let’s get things started.

ONE This will make you laugh. I promise.

TWO And if you appreciate the actual game of baseball (not just the entertainment!) this video will make you say, “Wow.”

THREE After winning another championship last season my softball team, Cleats and Cleavage, are back at it. Same name, new color. Since they don’t keep their articles up forever, I wanted to include a little excerpt from their weekly newsletter. The tone of these articles crack me up.

Cleats and Cleavage looked to keep their season going against Ice Cold Pitchers who looked to keep Cleats and Cleavage cool. Things looked to be going Cleats and Cleavage’s way early building a 7 run lead that looked to be safe but over the last two innings, Ice Cold Pitchers staged a furious comeback that trimmed the lead to 1 but with the tying run in scoring position, they failed to get that run across ending their season in heartbreaking fashion and allowing Cleats and Cleavage to breathe a sigh of relief and they escaped by the seat of their shorts 9-8 to advance to the championship.

The social championship featured the top two seeds and right away they showed why they deserved those positions. No team was able to gain a clear advantage as they were very evenly matched. Cleats and Cleavage broke the ice with a single run in the first but Sacs N Racks doubled them up in the second which prompted Cleats and Cleavage to come back with a run to tie it up at a pair a piece. Cleats and Cleavage gave themselves some breathing room in the third when they pushed two more across the plate to give them the cushion but in the spirit of the game Sacks N Racks cut into the lead with a run in the fourth and two more in the fifth to give them the one run lead. With little time left Cleats and Cleavage knew they had to respond, and respond they did, tying the game up then taking the lead and padding it. Sacks N Racks could not get that third out to end the inning and give them one last at bat as time ran out on them, leaving Cleats and Cleavage standing alone as champions.

Cleats & Cleavage Softball Champions

FOUR Moving on to football, here is one of the best player interviews I’ve heard in a long time! Fast forward 15 years and I bet this girl has a job at the mother ship.

FIVE And now to my beloved Aggies: in a little over 2 short days, a mere 56 hours from now, my Aggies will be taking on Arizona State at Reliant Stadium for their first game of the season. My finger nails may not survive the weekend. I have a feeling this will be a tough one.

But if you’re in the San Antonio area, the San Antonio A&M Club and the Young Aggies of San Antonio, of which I am a part of, will have their official game watching parties at Little Woodrow’s (Medical Center) and Roo Pub (281 & Redland). Feel free to join in on the fun!

SIX Yesterday would have been my Grandpa Denis’s 85th birthday. Early last year I shared with y’all a little piece of mind and heart regarding my Grandpa Denis of whom I have never met. If you have an extra ten minutes, feel free to read that post by clicking here.

But to summarize: even though I have never met him and he passed away over 36 years ago, I feel like I have come to love and know him through the stories my granny, my mom and her siblings as well as his friends have passed along to us. All 18 of us grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren (and one more on the way!) have and will have a special relationship with him. We hopefully won’t see him for a long time, but when the time arises, he’ll be there waiting for us. I’ll close this like I closed that post; through their [my family’s] stories, love and laughter, I find my Grandpa Denis smiling right back to me. So Happy Birthday Gramps! Hope you got yourself a big bowl of ice cream!

Well I hope you’ve had a wonderful week thus far. Only one and a half more days til the weekend! :)