Over the past 17 months of being out of college I had forgotten for a time how important a résumé really is. It is easy to get busy and caught up with your full-time job and you think that you don’t need to keep it up-to-date anymore.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. One day you may think about getting back on the hunt for your dream job or just another stepping stone on that path. When that time comes, it may be extremely daunting to look at your résumé you created weeks, months or even years prior. The challenge is remember all that you have done. Not that you want to write a novel in your résumé; however, it is important to be accurate of your experiences and skills.

Even if you don’t physically update your résumé, be sure to keep a list, conveniently located, so that when you need to get it updated you already have that information handy. If you find yourself so far behind you don’t even know where to begin, I recommend using this website to help you get started. It helped me put things together quickly and graduate my college résumé to the next level.

The following link is to my résumé if you are interested: Resume

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