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  1. Daisy

    Hi Alyx, I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog here but I’m glad I’m here! Ha. I’ve been browsing around and first I want to say that I really appreciate your photography, you take magnificent photos. I especially love the “Street Photography” being that I work in the downtown San Antonio area myself…you’ve completely captured the life, beauty and history of the downtown buildings in your photos. Second, I noticed that you seem to be really close to your grandpa (love the Blue Ain’t the Word For the Way I Feel post by the way) and I really admire that because I was never able to get close to either one of my grandpas and I always longed to. Aside from that, I was wondering if the man up here in your “Guess Who’s Turning Eighty” design is your grandpa and if so, I love that you’re named after him! Keep up the amazing work…I look forward to seeing more of your creativity.

    1. Thanks Daisy for your feedback! Really appreciate it!! And yes this is my grandpa on the invitation. We had a really great birthday party for him last year!

      1. Daisy

        Aww, so sweet. Good luck in life and may God bless your future!!

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