Grateful For…


Grateful: warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received. Have you ever caught yourself using a word over and over again to describe how you feel, but then draw a blank when someone asks for the definition? That is… Continue Reading

Book Review: Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly

Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly

“God wants you to be happy even more than you want it yourself.” Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly is perhaps the most powerful thing I have ever read. Powerful as in it truly struck a chord. I’ve read plenty of… Continue Reading

The Journey Begins


Come back to me with all your heart. Don’t let fear keep us apart. Trees do bend though straight and tall; so must we to others’ call. Long have I waited for your coming home to me and living deeply… Continue Reading

My Friends, I Wish You Enough

I Wish You Enough

In case you missed all of the headlines, the San Antonio Spurs BTHO the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ok they really didn’t beat the hell out of OKC because it went to overtime and the final ended up being 112-107, but… Continue Reading