Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 29

Edition 29: November 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures for this wonderful couple, Eric and Kelsey. They were so much fun! Even Ellie got in on the action acting as our guard and my assistant, obviously. With all of the green grass around, it is hard to believe this picture was taken in November! This had to be a quick post, about to head off on a road trip to Louisiana. Let’s pray that my Aggies BTHO lsu tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!

Sunburnt in October

Working Cows w Grandpa

Occasionally weekends come around and I have no extensive plans. This is becoming less and less often, but when they do come around, I welcome them with open arms and try my damnedest to make the most of it! It was only a couple of weeks ago, I shared some pictures and happenings from the Commercial Heifer Validation. That was a fun day but a bit different from the usual working cow events. Like I summarized in that post and many prior, it doesn’t matter how many years I grow…

Where I’m From by Kymberlyn #NationalPoetryDay

Kymberlyn the Poet

This was not a planned post; I have another one of those coming later today! But early this morning I received a family group text from my little sister. She sent us a copy of a poem she wrote to turn into her 10th grade English teacher. And it was amazing. It amazes me how my pride in my family, particularly my sisters, continues to increase. Maybe one day you’ll be reading one of their blogs! I guess it’s no coincidence they had a poetry assignment today beings that according…

Things Tuesday: 07/28/2015

Selfie with Ellie

It’s been a little while since I did a Things Tuesday post, but I’m back now and I have a few quality, or so I think, things to share with y’all! ONE It’s been a little while since I last shared anything Aggie-related. But this will make you smile and maybe even tear up, especially if you’re an Aggie! Tom “Ike” Morris, Class of 1933, is turning 105 years old on August 1, 2015. He is the oldest living Aggie. He graduated over 82 years ago. Let that sink in.…

Things Tuesday: 06/30/2015

Things Tuesday

Oh hey, June. Wait. Goodbye? How in the world do these months go by so fast. I’d understand it if I was jet-setting around the world every weekend, but unfortunately that is not the case. I guess splitting my time between work and play is catching up to me. Then again, maybe this is just a side-effect of growing up that I have to just learn to deal with. On to my little list of randomness on this Tuesday. You may have noticed that this is not a Twelve Things…

@ the Moment

At the Moment: June

It’s been almost two months since I updated my @ the Moment playlist, so I figured while I had the time to kill this evening I ought to try to give you a few songs for you to listen to! Headed here in a little while to a free Adam Hood show at County Line BBQ. Can’t wait! Seven Year Drought — Jamie Lin Wilson Let’s start this playlist off with a song I’ve had stuck in my head ever since I bought the CD. Mr. Tambourine — Bob Dylan…

Twelve Things Tuesday: 06/09/2015

Twelve Things Tuesday feat image

Happy, happy Tuesday! Last week I was convinced it would be a long week after coming off of a wonderfully productive weekend at home with the family. However, it felt like right after I posted, it was Friday before I knew it! Earlier today I posted a May Favorites post of sorts. Since everyone is doing them these days, I figured I would participate as well! But on to my weekly, for the most part, post: ONE Oh Aggies. Why do I look so tired today? Maybe it had something…

The Thunder Rolls

Rainbow Over Wheat

Day after day, it seems, rain and thunder storms are in the forecast. And I am not complaining! As I highlighted on Tuesday, we are so close to being completely out of a drought that has lasted over four years. So needless to say, rain several weeks in a row is a welcome sight no matter how many plans it changes and how many times I have to wash muddy jeans! Yesterday we ended the day with 1″ in the gauge and today it has played around for a bit…

Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/12/2015

Mom & Her Girls

So two days down, three more to go! Last weekend went by way, way too fast so this week has been a drag thus far. But I am extremely happy to get this done and posted on the right day! Let’s get this started!! ONE TODAY, marks 3 years since I graduated from my beloved university! Seriously, how in the world is it possible to have time feel like it has flown by, yet at the same time, college feels like yesterday. There are so many things I dearly miss about…

Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/05/2015

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here in San Antonio, it’s not the prettiest of days to celebrate, but I’m sure people will find a way! But to the list: ONE: Since this will be the third week, that something A&M will not only be included on this list, but at the top, I guess it needs to be made into a tradition! But really, this deserves to be at the top because of how amazing and important it is to highlight. For the 39th year, the Corps of Cadets at Texas…