Photo Share: Family Vacation to the Beach 2017

Family Vacation to the Beach 2017 -

Almost two weeks later, I’m back at work, no sand in sight, hair no longer blowing in the wind off the coast. But I’m here nonetheless. Our family vacation to Port Aransas was a relative success, if you don’t count… Continue Reading

Moo Cow Moo

Calf Club

Some days, you just need to look at cute pictures of cows to get you going. Something is in the air, my allergies are on overdrive and medicine is wearing off. Figured it was as good of a time as… Continue Reading

Weekend Part 2: Beer and the Rain >>>

So after the eventful Saturday I had, how could Sunday and Monday top that?!? OH but never doubt or fear the power of a little countrified entertainment. Party in D’Hanis + rain, yeah that’s about all I need to make… Continue Reading