As Good As Advertised: Vaquero by Aaron Watson


Let’s let the cat out of the bag right now, it’s tired of being stuck in this ole sack: Aaron Watson blew me away with this album. Last month we loaded up and made our way to the San Antonio… Continue Reading

Things Tuesday: 06/30/2015

Things Tuesday

Oh hey, June. Wait. Goodbye? How in the world do these months go by so fast. I’d understand it if I was jet-setting around the world every weekend, but unfortunately that is not the case. I guess splitting my time… Continue Reading

Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/12/2015

Mom & Her Girls

So two days down, three more to go! Last weekend went by way, way too fast so this week has been a drag thus far. But I am extremely happy to get this done and posted on the right day! Let’s… Continue Reading

Howdy to Another Monday

Happy happy Monday! Looking like another beautiful Monday here in San Antonio. After such a gorgeous weekend, it was awfully hard to want to go to work this morning. Of course I’ll have to post later about my shenanigans this… Continue Reading

At Thirteen: I was Reading in Church and She Was #6 on the Charts

tanya tucker

And to think I felt nervous standing up at the lectern in church reading to two hundred or so parishioners a couple of readings?!? Its marbles compared to what she accomplished at 13! “Who is she?” You may ask.  Well… Continue Reading

Making Mends.. Sorry Dad

Good morning Friday! You look so good. You really should come around quicker ever week, you know? But seriously. I am beyond excited that the week is over. My sister is coming to town and a great weekend is promised.… Continue Reading