One Fish, Two Fish


One fish. Two fish. No red fish. But some blue-ish fish. Ha there you go, some Dr. Seuss for you today! In general, that’s how our fishing excursion last Friday went. First off, I knew I was with the right guy, when he said we weren’t going out at the crack of dawn. Even though, I usually consider myself a morning person, leaving the house before the sun starts coming up is crazy talk to me. Anyhow, after being out on the water for six hours or so, hard head…

Came, Saw, Conquered

May Favorites feat image

Just a headsup, we are only a few weeks away from being halfway through 2015. How is that even possible? Does anyone not feel like time keeps flying by faster and faster? Oh the days when summer vacation seemed to last an eternity. Now a whole month flies by and in a blink. In all though, May was one heck of a month. I accomplished a lot both professionally and personally. Life has been pretty much a blast. Like I’ve said countless times, I live an extremely blessed life but…

Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 15

Edition 15: November 21, 2014

Shiner!!! My favorite Great Dane in the whole entire world. Besides just being an all-around sweetheart of a dog, she’s also been one of my favorite photography subjects. Would be the poster child for the gentle giants of the world. I’ve seen her play with the smallest of children and dogs alike. She’s a fan favorite and just by looking at this pictures you can only imagine why. I couldn’t quite decide whether I liked the color or black and white version better so I’ll let y’all decide so I…

Doing “City Girl” Things


Unlike most weekends that I write about, I didn’t go back home this weekend. Yep, I stayed in town, relaxed and did some “city things” as Grandpa would call them. The first of those city things, was heading back to the dog park to meet up with friends and their dogs. This would be the second time at the dog park for Ellie and me. This time we would be going on a Saturday morning. I braced myself for crowds, crazy dogs and parking. Ha turns out though, the parking…

First Dog Park Experience: Wow!

Dog Park

Well, I bit the bullet and really became a city slicker. I took Ellie to the dog park. I know it’s crazy but I have never been to an official dog park. I’ve been to parks with Ellie but they weren’t off leash and they definitely didn’t promote any doggie play that’s for sure. But wow, I was amazed at how great the experience was. Ellie is a pretty laid back dog, especially for a heeler. But then again you really never know what your dog is going to do…

Gotta take pics of the most photogenic dogs I could find


My dogs are almost everything to me. Behind family and my boyfriend of course. However, they make it a close one at times. The other day I was outside just snapping some pictures of these two. It wasn’t a gorgeous day or anything but they turned out really good. I may have a biased stance though since they are practically my kids.