May Favorites

May Favorites

Four days into June, I’m having a hard time remembering what I even did in May! But nonetheless, I did have some May Favorites to share with you. Favorite Book P.S. I just checked, and I am apparently three books ahead… Continue Reading

Dos Tacos, Por Favor

Breakfast Tacos

Last Saturday, as I made biscuits for breakfast, I realized just how much I love cooking breakfast. In general, breakfast is easy. You can improvise on the fly. Need a quick breakfast? Scramble some eggs with salsa or maybe leftover meat… Continue Reading

Lose Your Keys in Your Purse Too?

What's in My Purse?!?!

You know, at one point in my life, not very long ago, I would have considered myself to be more of a “Tomboy” rather than a girly-girl of sorts. But I must admit, after taking the time to empty out my… Continue Reading

A Girl and her HEB

                 1.   God                  2.   Fightin’ Texas Aggies                  3.   HEB Chicken Fajitas Ok maybe not exactly in this order. But no doubt these are some of my favorite things on this wonderful earth. Well this post will situate around… Continue Reading