A Voodoo Queen and Old Country Music


This might be the most crazy, old country song I have ever heard. This is not my first time hearing this interesting tune, but I’m not lying or over-exaggerating when I say that it has come on at least four… Continue Reading

Gruene Hall on a Sunday Evening


Let’s get one thing straight, I will dance to anything. Country, swing, tejano, hip pop. Two-step, three-step, half-step, waltz. I’ll do the boots scoot and boogie, I’ll wobble, shoot I’ll even throw in a little cha-cha slide. I don’t hide… Continue Reading

You Can’t Go Wrong With George

Monday is not over! And this week’s Musical Monday is here :) And who can’t go wrong with good ole George Strait? On my way home from my softball game tonight I was flipping through both the AM & FM… Continue Reading

Howdy to Another Monday

Happy happy Monday! Looking like another beautiful Monday here in San Antonio. After such a gorgeous weekend, it was awfully hard to want to go to work this morning. Of course I’ll have to post later about my shenanigans this… Continue Reading

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Another day older…. true. Deeper in debt…. fortunately false! Thankfully the headline is not hinting at my current misfortune but indeed one of my favorite songs. Tennessee Ernie Ford’s 1955 hit “Sixteen Tons” has been one of my favorite oldies… Continue Reading