Pic-a-Day: April 2017

Pic-A-Day: April 2017 Freepik design feat

In an effort to get back behind the lens more often and open up the creativity I once tapped into on a daily basis, I have thrown my hat in on a monthly photography challenge. Feel free to participate, whether you use Instagram, or are keeping pictures your phone/computer! Pictures I post will be taken with both my Nikon and my iPhone, and shoot any other device I happen to get my hands on. Here’s how it goes. I have listed below 30 different categories or tags. For each one, a photo…

Top 5 Friday: Sunrises

Top 5 Friday: Sunrises Sharing with y'all my most favorite sunrise pictures I have taken. sheerheart.org

Sunrises are one of God’s greatest gifts. As I get ready in the morning, my mind is moving even slower than my body. But boy my brain sure does turn on quick when I look outside and see the start of a beautiful sunrise. You can just tell when it is going to be good. All of a sudden, my brain is running. Where is my camera? In my closet? In my car? Where are my keys? How much time do I have? How long can I possibly wait before…

Only in San Antonio

Viva Tacoland, San Antonio, Texas

Oh San Antonio, how happy you make me. While at the little sister’s basketball game last night, I happened to notice an odd picture in my news feed. Oddly enough, the picture of this wall was the only thing I could load in that gym. But I’m so thrilled I saw it. It had a note that for every post on Instagram with this featured and #ILoveTacos and #ILoveTacosSoMuch in the caption, $1 would be donated to San Antonio’s children charities. Not only do I love tacos and cool wall…

Fave Photo Friday: Edition No. 29

Edition 29: November 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures for this wonderful couple, Eric and Kelsey. They were so much fun! Even Ellie got in on the action acting as our guard and my assistant, obviously. With all of the green grass around, it is hard to believe this picture was taken in November! This had to be a quick post, about to head off on a road trip to Louisiana. Let’s pray that my Aggies BTHO lsu tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!