Came, Saw, Conquered

May Favorites feat image

Just a headsup, we are only a few weeks away from being halfway through 2015. How is that even possible? Does anyone not feel like time keeps flying by faster and faster? Oh the days when summer vacation seemed to… Continue Reading

Twelve Things Tuesday: 05/19/2015

May 2015 Rainfall

And just like that we are only 12 days away from June and the middle of 2015! ONE Aggie Baseball finished up its regular season, going 43-10! What a fantastic year. But now on to the hard part. Tomorrow they kick… Continue Reading

Rain Makes for the Best Reading Time

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Well, I love a rainy night I love a rainy night I love to hear the thunder Watch the lightning When it lights up the sky You know it makes me feel good Another rainy night? Could it have been… Continue Reading

Weekend Part 2: Beer and the Rain >>>

So after the eventful Saturday I had, how could Sunday and Monday top that?!? OH but never doubt or fear the power of a little countrified entertainment. Party in D’Hanis + rain, yeah that’s about all I need to make… Continue Reading