Five Thousand Pages Down

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2016

As June nears its end, I figured I’d give an update on my 2016 Reading Challenge, through I began the year, guns a blazing, when it comes to burning through the books. Within the first 36 days, I had… Continue Reading

Most-Loved: January 2016

Most-Loved: January 2016

Did someone forget to tell January that it was supposed to feel like the longest month ever following the back-to-back holiday seasons? January sure did fly by. I’m not too sad to see it go though, and look forward to… Continue Reading

New Year, Resolutions Made

2016 New Year's Resolution

Well hello, 2016. To my surprise, I have yet to mess up the date this year. That’s got to be a sign that 2016 will be my year, right??? Last year, I shared some of my resolutions, and y’all did such… Continue Reading