Most-Loved: January 2016

Most-Loved: January 2016

Did someone forget to tell January that it was supposed to feel like the longest month ever following the back-to-back holiday seasons? January sure did fly by. I’m not too sad to see it go though, and look forward to… Continue Reading

@ the Moment: Start 2016

@ the Moment American Aquarium

January! Where have you gone? Before we know it, we’ll be doing the Christmas shopping and working on our 2017 resolutions! Okay, a bit of sarcasm and exaggeration there, but these days sure are flying by. This month has been… Continue Reading

Things Tuesday: 07/14/2015

Grandpa's Girl -

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The middle of July. Yep, July 15th is right around the corner, a couple of hours from now! I would say where has the time gone, but I know the answer: work, play, Aggie things, family,… Continue Reading

@ the Moment

At the Moment: June

It’s been almost two months since I updated my @ the Moment playlist, so I figured while I had the time to kill this evening I ought to try to give you a few songs for you to listen to!… Continue Reading

Song Request Please

My Beautiful Grandparents

Do you sometimes randomly start thinking about a song, then listen to it several times in a row? And later in day do you hear it on the radio? Oh my goodness, this has been happening to me so often! I can understand… Continue Reading

Blue Santa & a New Series! My Best-Loved at the Moment

Blue Santa

Holy moly, it’s Thursday y’all! And thank goodness. This week is a bit of a love-hate. December is so much fun because of the holidays, but really and truly the holidays just mean that work is even more busy and… Continue Reading