@ the Moment: Start 2016

@ the Moment American Aquarium

January! Where have you gone? Before we know it, we’ll be doing the Christmas shopping and working on our 2017 resolutions! Okay, a bit of sarcasm and exaggeration there, but these days sure are flying by. This month has been… Continue Reading

Road Trip Reads

Road Trip Reads

A number of good things came about on my trip to the mountains this past weekend. One of those was being getting back into another book. Last month while on vacation with my family, I lost myself in the pages… Continue Reading

@ the Moment: Playlist Update


Back in February, I did my first musical-related post in quite sometime. I concluded that post with one of my Spotify playlists called “@ the Moment”. I keep this playlist towards the top of my list of playlists. More often… Continue Reading

Walking on the Fightin’ Side of Me

Merle Haggard

This year I participated in a scholarship committee for an Aggie organization I am apart of here in San Antonio. Anyhow, this committee consists of 15 or so Aggies, classes spanning from 2012 (me :)) all the way back to… Continue Reading

I think I am in Love….with a new band!

The Mavericks

Ok in no way, shape, or form, would you call them a new band. But oh they are new to me! How ever did I live my life without knowing of them???? A pure shame my 23 years of life… Continue Reading

Blue Ain’t the Word for the Way I Feel

Another weekend is in the books for 2013. We sure are getting awfully close to some important holidays, aren’t we? This post is for Grandpa… and well any other person out there who enjoys and appreciates good, honest music. I… Continue Reading

Top 7 Old Country Songs**

** that will be sung at my family’s Christmas Christmas really is right around the corner! Scary, huh? This Monday I had a meeting about our Christmas charity event. Yes, Halloween is over and now it’s onto Christmas. It is… Continue Reading